Pipe and Drape Displays: How to Order and Measure

Pipe and Drape Displays: How to Order and Measure

A pipe and drape display can have a variety of uses. These drape setups can help define a trade show booth, provide privacy screening for changing rooms and voting booths, or be used as entertainment backdrops.

Pipe and drape setups come in many configurations. MVP Visuals offers these trade show drapes in basic polyester, flame retardant polyester, or blackout materials. We also offer them with or without print to custom suit your needs. And, of course, both your trade show drapes and their hardware come in various sizes.

Drapes are available in standard sizes of 95" tall for 8' pipe systems and 35" tall for 3' pipe systems. Pipe Stand Uprights are available fixed in 3', 6', or 8' configurations and adjustable in 3-5', 4-7', 5-8', 6-10', or 7-12'.

Because there are so many configurations, it may be difficult to decide which pipe and drape setup is right for you.

Here are some tips to order and measure your pipe and drape display with ease:

1. Pick a Fabric: Want to block out light for a private booth or changing room? Blackout velour drapes are your best choice. Keeping your drapes near light fixtures? Opt for flame retardant polyester. Or, just stick with basic polyester for a simple, more affordable option.

2. Choose a Design: You may want a simple drape setup without any print. That's fine. We offer  many colors that will suit your needs. Or, for a trade show or retail event, upload your logo for a full color dye sublimation that will enhance your name and draw in customers.

3. Know Your Size: Depending on your pipe and drape configuration, you may need multiple sizes for both your drapes and your hardware. Decide what your layout will look like - or call us to help you design a layout - and base your sizing on that.

Examples of pipe and drape configurations:

Backdrop Wall: 4 - 8' Upright, 4 - Bases, 3 - Horizontal Drape Supports, 9 - 95" Tall Drapes

Pipe and Drape

Backdrop Wall: 4 - 8' Upright, 4 - Bases, 3 - Horizontal Drape Supports, 9 - 95" Tall Drapes

Standard Backdrop: 8' upright pipes with 95" drapes

Pipe and Drape

Privacy Booth: 6 - 8' Upright, 6 - Bases, 5 - Horizontal Drape Supports, 15 - 95" Tall Drapes

Privacy Booth: 8' upright pipes with 95" drapes

Pipe and Drape

Trade Show Booth: 4 - 3' Upright, 4 - Bases, 2 - Horizontal Drape Supports, 4 - 36" Tall Drapes, 2 - 8' Tall Uprights, 2 - Bases, 1 - Horizontal Drape Support, 4 - 95" Tall Drapes

Trade Show Booth: 3' upright pipes on side with 36" drapes, 8' upright pipes for backdrop with 95" drapes

If you are unsure of your configuration or need pricing info, we are happy to help you and send you a quote on your specific configuration. Just email us or give us a call and we'll send you a custom quote.

MVP Visuals is a supplier of custom printed displays for retail and event promotions. We feed off the power of happy customers.

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