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Everything You Need to Know About a Personalized Tent

A brand identity is one of the most important parts of your marketing campaign. It brings out your business’s personality. Plus, it’s the best way for customers to tell you apart from the sea of competitors.

When you effectively build your brand, you create customer loyalty which can leapfrog your business.

There’s often no better way to grow brand loyalty than by subtly inching your way into your customers’ minds.

This is where custom canopy tents come in.

With a custom pop-up tent, you can display your logo and brand colors at various events and get customers to notice you even without a big marketing budget.

Here’s everything you need to know about branded custom tents for your business. 

Types of Custom Printed Tents Available 

There are typically three options of tents to choose from. 

Pop-Up Tents 

canopy tents, canopy topper
Forever Flash Custom Tents

A custom pop-up tent is a fully collapsible and portable shelter that’s branded with your company logo and designs of your choice. They are made of a square or rectangular fabric cover on a steel or aluminum frame.

The tent is designed to simply pop up and expand into shape whenever you need it, and then fold back when you’re done.

Custom pop-ups typically come in three different sizes: 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 15’, and 10’ x 20’. They are suitable for small events like vendor exhibitions. 

Inflatable Tents

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Custom Shape Inflatable Tents

Inflatable tents are pumped full of air; their inflatable beams allow them to stand without a metal frame or poles.

Their biggest advantage is that you can fully customize the tent into any shape that best represents your brand to get an edge at events.

Inflatable pop-up tents are lightweight and easy to assemble. All you have to do is bring out the air pump, and your tent will be ready in a matter of minutes. 

Star Shape Tents

Custom Summit Tents
Custom Summit Tents

Star shape tents, or Summit Tents as we call them, are made up of a fabric cover supported by metal poles. The tent is also anchored to the ground, making it the sturdiest choice.

They come in a variety of shapes like star or dome-shaped to suit different occasions.

Star shaped tents are a little harder to set up, and they are usually the biggest custom tents with footprints as large as 72' x 50'.

What Is the Best Material for a Custom Canopy Tent? 

There's no one single best tent fabric for a custom pop-up tent. The material you choose will depend on your specific needs. 

The main options available to choose from for your custom canopy tents include:

  • Nylon
  • Canvas
  • PVC polyester 

Nylon material is lightweight but isn't as durable as the other fabrics. It’s the best material when you’re looking for a cheap tent for a one-off event.

Canvas is the thickest and heaviest of the fabric choices. It is very durable and works best for semi-permanent tents.

A PVC polyester canopy comes with a PVC coating that makes it waterproof and UV resistant. It's lightweight and durable, making it the best for pop-up tents for events like trade shows and expos.

When choosing the most suitable fabric for your tent, consider the denier count of the canopy material.

The denier count measures the strength of the fabric. A single material strand is counted as one denier, so the more strands, the higher the denier count and the stronger the material. A 600 denier material is considered heavy duty and stronger than a 300 denier material.

If you need a tent for long-term use, go for one with a higher denier canopy. 

Custom Canopy Tent Design and Printing Options

Custom Pop Up Tent Accessories
Ultimate Guide for Custom Tents

When it comes to printing and designing your custom-printed canopy tents, you need to put your best foot forward. Some of the main design considerations include:

The Company Logo

Your logo on your custom canopy design shouldn't look stretched out. That's why it's essential to consider the shape and size of the tent while designing the canopy.

You will also need to picture how the tent will look from all angles and take advantage of any focal points to display your logo.

Here are a few design options to maximize visibility. 


Put your logo or brand name at eye level on the valance (the rectangular bottom strip of the tent canopy). Also include important information like your contact details. Depending on the supplier restrictions and your budget, print the same information on all valances around the tent.

MVP Visuals Custom 5K Tent
Best Practices When Designing Your Custom Pop Up Tent

White canopy frame with more real estate space and graphics on a valance 


Use the canopy’s peak (triangular part) to display your logo or brand name since that's the part that people can see from afar. 

2. Printing and Customization
Ultimate Guide For Custom Tents

Brand Colors 

A study by the University of Loyola revealed that color improves brand recognition by a whopping 80%. That's why it's important to ensure that your custom pop-up canopy tent is the same color as the rest of your marketing material.

Opt for Pantone colors for your canopy printing. Pantone colors produce a closer match with digital colors on different textiles than CMYK colors.

That way, you can get the exact same shade for your canopy tent, flag, table cloth, and other accessories to cement your brand image. 

Choosing Pop-Up Custom Canopy Tent Accessories

Custom Tents MVP Bundle
Custom Tents MVP Bundle

Consider buying some accessories to make your display more vibrant. Accessorizing your custom pop-up tent can help improve your visibility and get your customers to trust your brand. Here are some of the most common accessories. 


Walls give you more printable space so you can make your name or logo even more visible. They also offer protection in unfavorable weather conditions like wind or cold.

You can opt for back walls, sidewalls, or half walls (rail skirts) depending on the event and weather. For instance, on a cold day, you can add both back and side walls to keep your guests warm.


Weight bags that you can fill with sand or water bottles give your custom pop-up tent extra support without the eyesore, making it sturdier in case of excessive wind. They come in handy when you can’t get a heavy-duty frame or stronger summit tent.

Carry Bags

If you are always on the go, it helps to purchase a canopy tent travel bag to transport your tent easily from one display to the next. Plus, a bag helps prevent damage to the canopy top when you are traveling. 

Personalized Frames

Accessorizing your event tent with a custom-made canopy tent frame makes your event set up more dynamic. Incorporate some graphics or your brand colors on the tent frame to make it stand out from the crowd.

Rather than breaking the bank buying individual accessories, consider getting tent packages. Check out MVP Visual’s bundle offers. The custom canopy tents come with a table cover, half tent walls (railing skirts), and a sidewall to improve your brand image for less.

Getting the Right Custom Tent to Boost Your Brand

Forever Flash Custom Tents
Forever Flash Custom Tents

Choosing the best tent for your event setup is a priority. A perfectly designed, high-quality tent will buoy your business and help you soar past the competition. If the tent isn’t up to par, it will tarnish your image and chase customers away.

Consider using a premium custom tent supplier like MVP Visuals to ensure your custom pop-up tents present your brand in the best light at the most affordable prices.

“Being the Event Coordinator for a Non-Profit, the cost and quality of marketing material is extremely important. MVP stands out from all the other companies because of the quality of product, competitive cost, but most importantly the customer service provided. Having a dedicated Customer Service Representative, (my representative Dani is wonderful) to guide the production, assist in the creation, and make suggestions is unique in this business and invaluable.

The ability to handle all our visual marketing needs, to have a one stop shop, is not only less stressful for me, it is more efficient and provides consistency. Not having to shop different providers for different products helps provide a uniformity of message. MVP will be handling all The Friends of Seminole State Forest visual marketing needs and we could not be happier.”
— George Koutsakis

Contact MVP Visuals today for your custom canopy tents.

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