How Do I Set Up and Take Down My Inflatable Arch?

How Do I Set Up and Take Down My Inflatable Arch?

Despite their large size, inflatable arches are actually incredibly easy to set up! In the above video, we're giving you a quick run through of the simple set-up AND take-down process for your custom inflatable arch

You can also read the written instructions below, along with shorter videos for set-up only or take-down only.

Setting Up Your Inflatable Arch

  1. Unpack the arch, ropes, and ground stakes from the carry bag. Unroll the arch and lay it flat where you intend to use it.
  2. After attaching the ropes to all D-rings at the top of the arch, plug the arch in to your power source and begin inflation.
  3. In tandem with another person, guide the arch upright as it inflates, making sure to stay clear of any sharp objects. If you have a continuous-air model, make sure the arch is plugged in the entire time in use!
  4. Next, attach the other end of the ropes to your ground stakes or other weight sources. Distance with even pressure to avoid the arch leaning.

Taking Down Your Inflatable Arch

  1. When you're ready to take the arch down, unplug the power and help the arch gently deflate.
  2. Take out the ground stakes or untie the end of the ropes from the arch's weight source, and unzip the bottom of the arch's legs to help let the air out.
  3. Press down on various parts of the arch to help move the air out through the bottom of the leg openings.
  4. Once the arch is full deflated, fold over and roll it up tightly to place back in its storage bag. Make sure the ground stakes are wrapped and covered properly to avoid puncturing or scratching the arch. Store in a cool, dry area.


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