How Do I Set Up My Custom Advertising Flag?

How Do I Set Up My Custom Advertising Flag?

Custom printed advertising flags are some of the most popular promotional displays a brand can use. They're inexpensive, eye-catching, and fun. Here's how to properly set up your custom printed teardrop flag to make sure it looks its best.
Click the video above to watch our walk-through setup, or read the written instructions below.

Step 1

Make sure you have all of the necessary parts. When you receive your custom printed flag and hardware, you should find:
  1. The aluminum pole set (2 pieces for Small size flags, 3 pieces for Medium and Large)
  2. The printed flag
  3. Carry bag
  4. Small bungee cord
  5. Base (either a Ground Stake or Cross-Base)

Step 2

Arrange the feather flag poles in order from smallest to largest. Starting with the smallest pole, connect to the next size up, and repeat.

Step 3

String the bungee cord through the grommet located at the bottom of the flag, and tie a secure knot.

Step 4

Slide the flag onto assembled poles starting with the smallest end. Make sure to slide the flag all the way inside of the pole sleeve.

Step 5

Loop the bungee cord over the hook on the base of the largest pole to pull the flag tight. Tighten the bungee if necessary.

Step 6

Install flag pole onto the base and secure the base to the ground. For an outdoor-only Ground Stake, use a hammer or mallet to drive the stake further into the ground.

For an indoor/outdoor combination Cross Base, fill the water bag and slide it over the top of the base before securing the flag pole.

Important Notes about Flag Setup

  • Don't install near trees, wires, poles or buildings.
  • Allow a minimum or 5ft between your flag and the nearest object.
  • Take the flag down during inclement weather or extreme winds (over 15mph).