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Innovative Custom-Made Tents for Sporting Events

Sports and marketing are a blend made in branding heaven. Huge sporting events such as the Super Bowl have come to be known as super-spender avenues for companies looking to get maximum brand traction.

However, you don’t need to spend millions to make a splash during a sporting event.

There are many ways to get your brand noticed during sports events. 

  • TV advertisements
  • Branding stands
  • Company logos on team merchandise
  • Maybe go big and have a helium craft hover over the field.

However, let's look at a practical way to make your mark; custom-made tents.

We’ve delivered over 100,000 products on time since 2006, dealing with some of the biggest brands in the world, and this is how we can help you too. 

Using Tents to Make your Brand Pop at Sporting Events

Sheltering Teams From Adverse Weather

The game is at fever pitch. However, the weather changes for the worse. Slight weather changes don't usually warrant the game getting called off. Referees can call for a temporary stoppage to monitor the weather.

Custom-made tents at an event place you in a prime spot to offer shelter for the teams. If your brand is not exclusively associated with any of the teams, you can provide shelter for both. In turn, you gain massive traction as the brand that protected the team during the interlude. 

Selling Brand Merch

Reports showed that by 2018, the global sports merchandising market was worth US $26.47 billion. A small family business can elevate its brand status simply by selling its merchandise at a sporting event.

But how will the small business get the crowd’s attention in the first place?

Which Kind of Custom Tent is Best for My Brand?
Which Kind of Custom Tent is Best for My Brand?

Custom tents are a deviation from the standard way of getting your brand seen. Whether you set your custom tent outside the event premises or inside, a walk-through tent makes it easy for fans to get their favorite team’s memorabilia. 

Crowd Control

Using custom tents for crowd control is a branding masterstroke. See, to create awareness, you first need the numbers. You need to make sure everyone at a sporting event recognizes your presence.

You can position yourself to be one of the first things fans see when they come to a sports event. Even when the event gets overwhelming, the fans will remember the brands at the entrance validating their tickets.

Custom tents make excellent ticket stands and concession stands. They’ve got all the bells and whistles that make them a practical crowd and access control tool. 

Custom-Made Tent Options

Custom Pop-Up Tents

Are you a start-up brand working with a modest budget but looking to make a significant mark during a sports event? Custom pop-up tents are where it's at.

Custom pop-up tents come in 10x10 ft or 10x20 ft frames to get your brand seen without too many distractions. The simple canopy that sits atop the frame is enough to display your brand name and logo.

Start with a custom pop-up tent for these reasons:

  • They’re affordable
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Easy to transport
  • You can use them in sports events where vendor space is limited.

To add more value to your custom pop-up tent, we will include extras such as branded table covers and side panels.

Custom Tents
Custom Tents

When public health is a concern, you can add on a see-through screen and tent walls complete with company graphics. 

Canopy Tents

Canopy tents are a broader category of tents at sporting events. Innovative designs divide canopy tents into other exciting concepts. You can apply these concepts to achieve maximum brand impact.

Every canopy in our inventory is made from long-lasting denier material. Depending on the tent, the supporting structure could be a hexagonal leg frame or a square leg frame. Bigger canopy tents go well with the sturdier hexagonal leg frame, especially if the event is windy.

You’ve got a few customized options with canopy tents. 

Custom Inflatable Dome Tents

If you're looking for a crowd pleaser, then 26x26 ft custom inflatable dome tents are just the right ticket.

Unlike a bare framed pop-up tent, we can print your company logo, colors, and designs on all the surfaces of these visual beauties for more brand visibility.  

Custom Shape Inflatable Tents
Custom Shape Inflatable Tents

Custom dome tents come in fully printable, customizable, waterproof ripstop material. One inflation is enough to keep these dome-shaped spectacles going for an entire event. Still, we include a 600 watt air blower for when you need to deflate and move location.

Accessories include optional printed sidewalls and awnings and a convenient rolling carry case.

The optional open-on-all-ends design on some of the tents is great for brands that want direct interaction with event attendants. You can use them as a walk-through, a viewing area, a registration stand, or a demo stand. For an even bigger splash, connect two inflatable dome tents with a connecting cloth. 

Custom Shape Inflatable Tents

Sports events sometimes host an afterparty. You, as a brand, can pump your presence with one of these custom shape inflatable tents.

These tents allow you to switch from a VIP viewing area to a party section. Such a tent’s possibilities are endless. We’ll customize the tent to any size so you can host indoor games, viewing parties, or sponsor team meetings in the custom shape tent.

Throw in some floodlights, and you have the perfect setting for a night event. 

Custom Shape Inflatable Tents
Custom Shape Inflatable Tents

We use heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin and customize it to any shape. Design-wise, we’re talking color printing anywhere you want your brand logo and designs.

Lastly, we assign you a technical team to keep your inflatable tent up and steady. 

Misting Tents

Summer is a great time for sporting events. Unfortunately, summer can be unbearably hot. Players sometimes play in near 30 degrees celsius heat, risking heat fatigue. 

Football season is notorious for having heat-related illnesses. Chances of heat-related illnesses are 11.4 times higher in football than in other sports. 

“If you see someone struggling, pull them out of the game or practice, ask them how they are feeling, give them some water and cool them down.” — Dr. Rajwinder Deu, an Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery. 

You’re a sports drink brand with a misting tent at an event. When the heat levels become unbearable, players under your tent get a burst of cool relief from the hoses above. 

Coca-Cola & Six Flags | Client Success Story
Coca-Cola & Six Flags | Client Success Story

The spectacle is incredible. A misting tent comes with:

  • Misting jet device hoses
  • Blower(s)
  • A storage bag, tie-down ropes & stake kit 

And here’s the clincher—It only takes about 30 minutes to set up a misting tent.

Star-Shaped Custom Made Tents 

A 72 inch x 45 inch double-pole high canopy tent with a star design is a great way to put a big budget to good use and make a lasting impression at a sports event. 

Star-shaped summit tents are either open or have full back coverage. The full back coverage design is convenient for photo-ops, sign-up stations, and meet-and-greet stations. 

We can do a 360-degree design coverage with company logos and full company colors. It’s made from 600 denier polyester to maintain form and full color even against the harsh sun. 

Custom Summit Tents
Custom Summit Tents

The low tent canopy brings your company graphics to eye level while providing more protection from weather elements. 

Custom Illuminated Tents

Worried about the approaching darkness during a sporting event? Bring the light show with custom-printed illuminated tents. These tents are made with in-built light to dazzle crowds.

We make the tents using 600 denier material and build the lights into the tent’s arch. We then use dye sublimation to print the tent in full color. 

Custom Printed Illuminated Tents
Custom Printed Illuminated Tents

A full-color illuminated tent makes a magical backdrop for a calm night after a successful sports event.

Why You Should Choose MVP Designs for Your Custom Tents

As an industry leader in custom tent designs, we understand your expectations. We give you 5 star products that last you for a long time. 

Trilogy Lacrosse | Client Success Story
Trilogy Lacrosse | Client Success Story

Our tents come in a range of polyester denier or heavy-duty PVC materials to fit every budget and use case.

We also provide you with lasting tent frame options and don’t cut corners. Steel and lightweight silver aluminum tent frames have proved to be great options for the brands we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Safety and durability rank high in our priorities. Our tent material is fire retardant, waterproof and UV-resistant. We’ll also include accessories such as weight plates, railskirts, and transportation bags for your convenience.

Your time matters to us. Depending on the job complexity, we have varying production times starting from one day. We’ll include a 3D pre-visualization for you to make a final decision before we begin printing. Our design services include free layouts and samples.

Join the MVP Team

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