5 Questions About Inflatable Helmets for Outdoor Events

A huge inflatable football helmet is not an everyday purchase.

So, let’s cover the basics and learn all about purchasing, setting up, and enjoying exciting inflatable helmets from MVP Visuals.


Show Your Team Pride With Style 

What makes American football unique is the incredible enthusiasm and pride that the sport generates at all levels of play.

Pep rallies, cheerleaders, halftime shows—the fanfare is as much a part of football as the game itself.

The game itself, of course, is intense, and it’s up to a team’s supporters to supply the noise and the energy that brings out the best in your squad.

To really make a statement for your team, there’s nothing like a grand inflatable display.

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Now, let’s get to the Q&A. Below, we’ll answer the following questions:

  • How does an inflatable football helmet work?
  • What are the shape and size options for inflatable helmets?
  • Are inflatable helmets transportable?
  • What designs can be printed on an inflatable helmet?
  • How is an inflatable helmet set up and taken down?

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, shoot us a message at hello@mvpvisuals.com.

How Does an Inflatable Football Helmet Work?

blue inflatable helmet with tunnel entrance on a football field
Blue Inflatable Helmet With Tunnel Entrance on a Football Field

An inflatable football helmet from MVP Visuals has enough room under the dome for people to stand inside of.

Our inflatables are made from heavy-duty PVC material with two options for filling the display up with air: sealed air or constant air.

How long do inflatable helmets stay inflated?

  • Sealed Air Inflatable: 72 hours duration
  • Constant Air Inflatable: Continuously filled

With a sealed-air inflatable, you add air with a pump then remove it and seal up the opening. Sealed-air is a great option if you won’t be able to keep your inflatable continuously connected to a power source.

Constant air inflatables use a continuous blower to maintain air pressure. The blower maintains a consistently full appearance and self-regulates the airflow and is a great “set it and forget it” option if you have access to a power source.

What Are the Shape and Size Options for Inflatable Helmets?

inflatable helmet and tunnel for the San Francisco 49ers football team
Inflatable Helmet and Tunnel for the San Francisco 49ers Football Team

Helmet displays come in these two shapes:

  • Helmet plus tunnel combos for players to run through onto the field
  • Standalone helmets as event displays

Want to help your players make a grand field entrance on game day? A tunnel provides that exciting moment as the team rushes out of the front of the helmet to the roar of cheering fans.

If you plan to use your inflatable for non-game day events, then you can opt for a standalone helmet without the tunnel portion; great for fairs and fundraising events. Helmets can also be placed on the field for players to congregate in and around before the game or during halftime.

As for size, that’s one of several customizable features. When you discuss your order with an MVP Visuals team member, we’ll help you figure out what size and shape suits your team’s needs.

Are Inflatable Helmets Transportable?

inflatable helmet with tunnel entrance on a grass lawn
Inflatable Helmet With Tunnel Entrance

With an inflatable helmet, you can take your team’s swagger on the road. Despite their enormous size when fully inflated, these displays fold down quite quickly, making them easy to pack and transport. 

What Designs Can Be Printed on an Inflatable Helmet?

gold and black inflatable football helmet from MVP Visuals
Gold and Black Inflatable Football Helmet

Customize your inflatable helmet with your team’s name, colors, and logo. The options are limitless!

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Dye-sublimation is a form of digital printing that uses heat to transfer ink, allowing for crisp and clear imagery on large surfaces, such as inflatable displays.

How Is an Inflatable Helmet Set Up and Taken Down?

blue and white inflatable football helmet in front of a school
Blue and White Inflatable Football Helmet in Front of a School

An inflatable helmet comes with the following storage and installation components:

  • Storage bag
  • Air blower
  • Rope and stake kit

Before erecting your display, clear any sharp objects away from the setup area—stones, sticks, pieces of metal, or anything that can damage or puncture your inflatable.

Setting up an inflatable helmet and/or tunnel consists of these easy steps:

  1. Lay the inflatable on the ground and locate the anchor points, zippers, and blower openings.
  2. Add air in accordance with the manufacturer specifications.
  3. Anchor the inflatable to the ground.

Everything you need to complete the above steps is included in your helmet kit.

Remember: before setting up an inflatable display, make sure you have permission to do so from the relevant authorities.

When it’s time to pack up, deflating your display takes around 20 minutes, then fold , roll, and pack it into the provided storage bag.

For more detailed instructions on setting up, taking down, and caring for your inflatable, check out our Effortless Set Up and Take Down Guide for inflatable football tunnels. 

Choosing Your Team’s Custom Branded Display

green inflatable MVP Visuals tunnel on a football field
Green Inflatable MVP Visuals Tunnel on a Football Field

An inflatable helmet and tunnel combo makes for an amazing entrance on game day. At MVP Visuals, we appreciate athletes and their supporters from all levels of play, from the big leagues to the little tykes.

The Chicago Cubs, the Dallas Cowboys, the Alabama Crimson Tide, and so many more amazing teams have turned to MVP Visuals for custom displays.


For all your team pride needs, we’ve got you covered. Among our dozens of customized display items, we offer:

  • Inflatable arches
  • Custom shape inflatables
  • Custom tablecloths
  • Custom tents
  • Advertising flags
  • Tables and chairs

If you have any questions about your branded display purchase, give us a call at (888) 780-8051 or shoot us an email at hello@mvpvisuals.com.

For more information on inflatable products and everything else that MVP Visuals has to offer, visit our blog.

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