5 Clever Reasons You Should Opt for a Custom Tablecloth

5 Clever Reasons You Should Opt for a Custom Tablecloth

Whether it’s a tiny tabletop display or a huge modular exhibit, successful trade show exhibitors know that uniquely promoting their brand will attract prospective clients.

Investing in a custom tablecloth is an excellent way to achieve this. It allows you to add your brand’s name, logo, graphics, products, and even your business web address to the fabric. 

Such branding gives you maximum exposure and tells people about your business without them even having to ask.

There are multiple reasons why custom tablecloths are a worthwhile investment. They also solve many common presentation problems. They: 

  • Hide extra stock: A tablecloth made to snugly fit your table will give it a sleek, professional look while providing ample space behind or beneath to store your extra products.
  • Are a great option in limited spaces: If your venue isn’t big enough for a custom tent or advertising inflatable, turn your limited space into a promotional board by adorning your table with a custom tablecloth.
  • Conceal unsightly tables: A custom tablecloth will help hide marks, scratches, or stains on a display table and give it a well-branded, professional look.

Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, a custom tablecloth is a must-have. You want to ensure that you’re completely visible to your target audience and that you’ve left a lasting impression on them.

Here are 5 brilliant reasons why a custom tablecloth is a perfect choice for all your events.

Reason #1: They Make Your Exhibit Stand Out

Attracting attention at trade shows can be a challenge. If you blend in and look like your competitors, nothing will encourage a client to visit your booth instead of theirs.

Always ensure that your table display stands out from the crowd. Ditch the generic black and white plain tablecloth for a custom tablecloth that will attract passerby’s attention.

Customizing your tablecloth according to your brand’s identity helps you gain a loyal customer base and increases your chances to market your brand directly to them. This in turn drives more sales and boosts customer loyalty.

custom trade show table covers

And since it’s custom made, MVP Visuals will tailor the tablecloth to perfectly match your company’s unique style, whether it’s your signature colors, logo, or brand name.

Check out the different customization techniques in the table below.

Customization Method


Key Feature

Brand Name

america east tablecloth

Gives your brand simple, but impactful exposure

Brand Logo

Best placed at the tablecloth’s center to attract attention

Signature Colors

Showcases brand colors beyond just the logo


Reason #2: They Display a Higher Level of Professionalism

A vibrant, neatly spread custom tablecloth is a simple but effective way of showcasing professionalism to your customer base.

Have you ever purchased a product from a company that lacked a sign or name of any kind? Most likely not.

Not having a name or sign describing your products or services makes potential clients question your brand's credibility and trustworthiness.

Clear everyone’s doubts by investing in a custom tablecloth that depicts what your brand represents. It’s a cost-effective way of adding a professional touch to your trade show table cover.

fleet feet tablecloth

Branding your tablecloth also shows that you have confidence in your products. You’ll not just separate yourself from the crowd but also look like you belong with the rest of the highly experienced traders on site.

For maximum exposure, ensure that your tablecloth is:

  • Legible from far for easy readability
  • Printed boldly and neatly to meet professional standards
  • Uses attractive patterns and bright colors to draw in prospects

Commanding a high level of professionalism convinces people that you’re good at what you do. 

Prospective clients will take your booth more seriously and inquire about your products and services, eventually turning traffic into sales. 

Reason #3: They're a Reusable Branding Tool On The Go

Traveling with your promo products from one event to another can be exhausting, especially if they’re heavy.

But the beauty of custom tablecloths is that they’re incredibly lightweight. They don’t need special tools or heavy lifting to set up. 

They’re simply folded after an event and take up very little space during transportation. 

Laying your tablecloth also requires zero effort. In less than 5 minutes, it’ll be well-spread on your table, ready for use.

custom stretch table cover

Custom tablecloths, therefore, make the best branding tools for events held at different locations throughout the year. Their portability and flexibility will give you a stress-free traveling experience

They’re also an ideal investment for the long-term. Unlike other promotional items, like branded t-shirts and journals that must be restocked, a single custom tablecloth can be used repeatedly at different events to market your products or services. 

Reason #4: They Help Your Target Audience Visualize Your Brand

When you’re just starting a new company, your main goal is to market your products or services to prospective clients. 

But, most likely, your target audience won’t remember your company’s name vividly at the first mention. 

That’s why you need a visual stimulus that will leave a lasting impression.

Study shows that humans are naturally visual beings, meaning they’ll remember more of what they see than hear.

And a custom tablecloth is the perfect marketing tool to make people remember your newly launched products.

Designing a tablecloth that uniquely represents your brand’s mission or products will make it easily noticeable and remembered by prospects.

printed spandex tablecloth

Choose captivating base colors or patterns, like the example above from WTRMLN WTR. You're not likely to forget this setup!

This will make you stand out and pull crowds to your booth. At a beginner level, you’ll need all the exposure you can get.

Also, ensure that your tablecloth perfectly fits your table’s shape and size. You don’t want your table presentation to look out of place.

Remember, a great first impression is highly crucial for startup companies. It can earn you potential clients and partners for future collaborations.

So make sure that your table presentation is clean, tidy, and displays high professional standards.

Check out our tips below on how to clean & care for your custom table cover:

#5: They Provide Unlimited Customization Options for Your Brand Purpose

One of the greatest benefits of a custom tablecloth is that it can be tailor-made to anything you want. There are no limits! 

There’s a tablecloth size in any dimension you can think of. Just take your table's exact measurements, and MVP Visuals will make the perfect fit.

We’ve also got two key printing options for your tablecloths:

Option A) All-Over Print for 360-Degree Brand Exposure

An all-over print tablecloth helps to maximize your advertising in a minimal space since it’s visible from all angles. Use vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, and intricate graphics for a polished and attractive look.

printed table cover

Option B) Front-Panel Print for a Classy Minimalist Look

A front panel print tablecloth is a more affordable option, yet still sleek and functional. Choose contrasting colors for the print and fabric to ensure your brand logo or name won’t fade into the background.

For our front panel printed table covers, MVP Visuals also provides over 40 vibrant background colors to choose from. Ensure that every color you choose compliments the rest of your decor rather than overpowering it for a harmonious look.

Stand Out From the Crowd at Events With Quality Custom Tablecloths

Custom tablecloths are affordable advertising tools with exceptional returns on investment. Investing in just one quality custom tablecloth will boost your brand’s awareness tenfold and earn you potential clients at trade shows and other events.

With MVP Visuals’ quality custom tablecloths, you’ll never run out of options. Our tablecloths come in different colors, patterns, and styles for every occasion. 

We’ll help bring your presentation dreams to life with free samples upon request and providing any additional assistance to ensure everything turns out perfectly. 

And thanks to our straightforward pricing, the price you see online is the price you pay. We won't surprise you with "setup fees" - because we hate it when companies do that to us, too - and all custom tablecloths ship for free!

Don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 980-6871 or email hello@mvpvisuals.com for any further inquiries. You'll always reach a live person during business hours over the phone, and any email inquiries are typically responded to within one business day.

"Excellent service... Used many times over the years... Just none better!"
Chris Berry, Verified Buyer

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