4 Promotional Inflatable Game Ideas for Customer Appreciation Day

4 Promotional Inflatable Game Ideas for Customer Appreciation Day

When celebrating customer appreciation day, businesses hope for three things: Good customer attendance, a fun, exciting, and memorable day, and lots of opportunities to promote their services and products.

As a business, if you want to have fun while promoting your products or services, consider incorporating custom inflatable games into the celebration.

These games are ideal because:

  • Inflatables are easy to customize
  • Games help keep both the employees and customers engaged
  • Games can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors
  • Inflatables are easy to set up and take down quickly

The following are some of the best promotional inflatable game ideas we encourage you to consider. 

Idea #1: Inflatable Basketball Game

First on our list is the action-packed inflatable basketball challenge. With the running, jumping, dribbling, shooting, and the ambition of the teams, the participants will have a thrilling and enjoyable experience.

There are two best ways you can add promotional value to an inflatable basketball game. 

The first way is to offer your products or services as prizes. Ensure most, if not all of your participants get at least a prize. You can do this by being creative with how you decide who qualifies.

For instance, offer a prize to anyone who makes an effort and participates in the basketball game. This will encourage your attendees to get involved.

You can also offer a prize to players who score a certain amount of baskets or points. The qualifying number of baskets or points needs to be realistic and achievable by most of the willing players.

The second w ay you can promote with an inflatable basketball game is by branding it with your company's logo, colors, name, and tagline. Ensure the branding stands out by placing them where they're visible.

At MVP Visuals, we use dye sublimation printing on our inflatables. Dye sublimation is a cutting-edge printing technique that ensures your branding pops with sharp, vibrant, and vivid printed designs.

Idea #2: Inflatable Soccer Fields

Another great inflatable game idea for promotional purposes is soccer. Soccer is an interactive game that will get your customers and employees active and engaged.

Since the entire soccer field is bordered by the inflatable, you can customize the field to fit into an indoor space. A smaller, indoor space will be good for players who aren’t used to intense exercise. 

However, the outdoors will be best for this game because of the many advantages the extra space offers. For example, the fresh air and natural lighting outside provide a conducive environment for a large crowd. Also, when set up outside, players won’t have to hold back when shooting at their opponents’ goal, making the game more thrilling and exciting.

You can use inflatable soccer promotionally in the following ways:

  • Brand the inflatable pitch, ball, and the uniforms of the players with your name, colors, logo, and tagline.
  • Allow winners to have early access to your new products and upgrades.
  • Allow the customers to go home with the uniforms as souvenirs.

To add more fun and an extra challenge to the game, use an inflatable soccer ball, which is slightly larger than the normal ball. An inflatable ball has a difference bounce from the normal soccer ball, providing a controlling challenge that even the pros in the teams will have a hard time with.

Idea #3: Inflatable Bounce Houses

Customer appreciation day can also benefit from the fun and excitement that comes with inflatable bounce houses. Adults enjoy bouncing in the houses to let out their inner kid.

Bounce houses offer an additional unique promotional opportunity than the previously discussed games. A bounce house provides a great environment for social interaction between your employees and customers. This helps create strong bonds, allowing your employees to learn more about your customers.

With bounce houses, creativity is your limit. You can choose from many designs and themes to customize your house with, including:

  • Product-themed bounce house: This type of bounce house is inspired by your products or services. For example, if you sell shoes, you can create a giant inflatable shoe with doors and inside partitions of a normal bounce house.
  • Landmark-themed bounce house: This type of bounce house is modeled by a landmark or other object silhouette, like the one below we made for Pilots & Places inspired by the Taj Mahal!

custom inflatable bounce house

Like the rest of the game ideas on your list, you can also add promotional value to a bounce house by customizing it with your brand's name, color, logo and tagline.

Idea #4: Inflatable Obstacle Courses

An inflatable obstacle course is yet another great promotional game idea for your customer appreciation day. The goal of this game is to test the players’ strength, balance, and agility.

When competing against rivals, the participant who successfully overcomes all the obstacles first becomes the winner. There are also other ways of determining the winner, for example, the one who overcomes most of the obstacles or endures to the last obstacle.

Like the bouncing houses, your creativity is the limit when designing obstacle courses. You can combine different inflatable obstacle courses and create a unique course for your event. 

Examples of what to include in your course:

  • The climbing wall: A climbing wall simulates rock climbing. It allows participants to practice hand, eye, and leg coordination while having fun.
  • The crawling tunnel: The goal is to crawl as fast as possible through the tunnel without stopping or turning back.

Expert Tip: At MVP Visuals, we encourage you to create obstacles that resemble the services and products of your business. For example, if your brand has a mascot, you could integrate a 3D inflatable mascot into the obstacle course structure.

Enjoy Your Inflatable Games

Inflatable games add fun and excitement to any event. Both kids and adults can enjoy it, widening your brand impact across multiple demographics.

Remember to take good professional photos and videos of your customers enjoying your inflatable games to further promote your business on social media.

custom inflatable balloon

At MVP Visuals, we’re ready to help you create a customized inflatable game that will help you add fun and excitement to your event while providing you with opportunities to promote your business.

Contact us today and get help placing your order.

“The sales rep I worked with was very flexible and willing to send me multiple quotes as my ideas changed… Thanks for making this process so simple!”
- Samantha Jamison