4 Brilliant Ways To Use Inflatable Arches

Inflatable arches are an eye-catching way to promote your brand or event. They're often used for grand openings, trade shows, and promotional events.

These structures are effective because they're an enormous presence that stands out. Additionally, custom inflatable arches are easy to set up and takedown, and the banner space is large enough to capture customers’ and prospects' attention from a distance.

Did you know that there are other brilliant ways to use inflatable arches that'll leave a positive impression? Whether at your home, a special event, or business exhibition, inflatable arches are versatile and offer many uses.

The following are four brilliant ways to use inflatable arches that’ll make you stand out.

#1: As a Gateway to Your Event

misting and illuminated inflatable arches
Misting and Illuminated Inflatable Arches

People will judge your event within the first few minutes based on how the entry is designed. Therefore, using an inflatable arch as a gateway will help you ensure a grand entrance that'll excite guests.

Inflatable arches make a perfect entranceway to your event because:

  • They use power colors that are attention-grabbing and will attract many people to your function.
  • They're large and can be seen from a distance so they point your guests to the venue.
  • They're easy to set up and takedown, thus saving you time.
  • The banner space is large enough to feature your event details.

For an even better impression, you need to customize the inflatable arch at the entrance to match the event's theme.

For instance, if you're holding a Hawaiian-themed party, use an inflatable arch with palm trees and other island motifs. This creates a sense of cohesion and will make your guests excited about the event before they've even entered.

#2: As Part of an Outdoor Business Event

Inflatable arches are a great way to make your outdoor scene stand out. The arch offers an opportunity for you to advertise your business, products, and services through branding customization.

Customized inflatable arches add a festive atmosphere to your event, are attention-grabbing, and leave a lasting impression. Thus, they’ll have customers, suppliers, other vendors, and staff talking about your brand before and even long after the event is over.

Some business events that need to be spruced up using inflatable arches include:

  • Trade shows and exhibitions
  • Charity events
  • Launch parties
  • Sports days

mvp visuals inflatable arch

The advantage of using customized inflatable arches during events is that they’re portable and can be used for different events.

You can enhance the usability of your inflatable arch, by going for one with sets of custom-printed banners. This means that you can alter the look and feel of your arch depending on the event. The custom-printed banners can be used to display a change in:

  • Event sponsors
  • Dates
  • Event names or themes

Are you wondering who’ll deliver on all the above promises? MVP Visuals is a reputable company with more than 10 years of experience in the business of customizing inflatables. We guarantee you an inflatable that’ll meet your needs.

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#3: As an Entryway During Special School Events

University of Colorado Inflatable Arch
Inflatable Arch Used During a School Event

Inflatable arches are a great way to enhance branding during school events, whether they are used indoors or outdoors. They offer a unique entrance, help to control crowds, and provide an ideal advertising opportunity.

You can even customize your inflatable arches to recognize or appreciate your sponsors for the events.

Some of the school events you can leverage the power of an inflatable arch include:

  • During the first or last day of school
  • During sporting events, such as football or basketball games, or pep rallies
  • To mark the track at bicycling, running, or walking events
  • To usher in students and guests to popular events, such as prom nights, festivals, dances, bake-offs, and auctions

    An inflatable arch is perfect for adding that extra touch of fun and excitement to your school events. They give the students, parents, alumni, and guests something to rave about and make Insta-perfect photo-opportunities for the Instagrammers and TikTokers.

    The following are some examples of inflatable arch types that can be used during the school events:

    • Sports arch: It’s used in sports arenas and features the logo of the team or school. An example of this is a football entryway arch.
    • Themed arch: These feature the vibrant and lively colors that showcase the theme of an event. They are great during school events held on special occasions, such as halloween, Christmas, or St.Patricks Day.

    #4: As a Photo-op Spot For Event Goers


    Photo booth backdrops are all the rage currently because they offer a fun way to take goofy photos with friends and family.

    A vinyl or polyester inflatable is an excellent photo booth backdrop for people who come to your business events, say launch parties.

    You can have us make you a custom arch or go for our illuminated arches, which are unique, attention-grabbing, and exciting for the attendees. The advantage of providing a photo-booth for your event goers is that they’ll provide you with free marketing when they post the photos taken under the inflatable on their social media pages.

    There are three main shapes of inflatable arches you can use for your photo booth. These are discussed in the table below.

    Shape Image Description
    Angled corners inflatable arch with angled corners An inflatable arch with a stable and solid appearance that resemble shoulders
    Rounded rounded inflatable arch

    Inflatable arch with a continuous curve that resembles a rainbow
    90-degree corners inflatable arch with 90-degree corners It resembles a typical doorway


    Where to Buy Inflatable Arches

    Getting the right manufacturer for your inflatable arches can be a challenging task. You need a reputable company with a proven record in manufacturing outstanding inflatables that increase your return on investment.

    MVP Visuals has been manufacturing different inflatables for diverse industries since 2006. Over this period, we’ve gained enough experience to know what works and what doesn't.

    Our team of expert designers will work closely with you to design a custom inflatable arch that meets your needs.

    When you work with us, we guarantee the following:

    • Superior quality
    • Timely delivery
    • Free layout and samples
    • No set-up fees

      The video below better explains why you should buy an inflatable arch from MVP Visuals:

      If you’re ready to get your inflatable arch, request a quote today.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Which materials are used to make inflatable arches?

      The two most popular high-quality materials used to manufacture inflatable arches in America are PVC and denier polyester. These are strong materials that ensure your inflatable arches last long and withstand adverse weather conditions, like rain and sun.

      Where are inflatable arches used?

      Inflatable arches are used in events to decorate entryways for run/walk events, concerts, exhibitions, and displays. People also use inflatable arches for promotional purposes like in motorsport events.

      Can I use an inflatable arch indoors?

      Yes. Inflatable arches are meant for use both indoors and outdoors. However, you should be careful not to expose them to direct heat when used indoors as they can catch fire easily.

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