Stretch Mural Table Cover - All Over Print

6 Tips to Buying Stretch Table Covers With Logo

The wind keeps blowing away your table covers and your merchandise with them at your events and trade shows. And you’re tired.

You want something different.

You want a tablecloth that snugly fits the table, so you don't have to worry about it blowing away and messing up your setup. You want a cover that'll be a head-turner at the events and trade shows you’re attending.

And if it's also flame-resistant, the better. This way, it won’t get damaged by any hot foods placed on it. Or worse, bleed into the table and mess up your setting.

You want stretch table covers just like those at MVP Visuals. Here’s what one of our customers had to say.

“You really can't beat the look of these spandex table covers. They hug the table and legs, which makes a very professional and sleek look, much nicer than loose tablecloths. Our printed logo and all over design look perfect, and it's gotten us a lot of attention at events!” - Peter R, from Tucson, AZ.

Our branded stretch tablecloths don’t just make your setup look tidy and organized; they also have rich colors that grab your customers’ attention instantly.

But what exactly should you be looking out for when finding a custom-made tablecloth for your events?

Today, we’ll guide you through some of the most important features to consider and show you why they’ll work for you.

Let’s dive in.

Ensure the Graphics on the Tablecloth Are Printed Using Dye Sublimation

Since stretch covers pull tightly over a table, they may distort your graphics if printed on top of the fabric. Or worse, cut some parts off.

Tablecloths printed using full-color dye sublimation, like ours, are less susceptible to graphics distortion than other printed styles.

With other printing methods like screen printing or vinyl heat transfer, the artwork is on top of the cover, so they can get easily distorted.

Pro tip: Try not to print all the way to the edges, that way you won’t be stretching anything readable.

Stretch Mural Table Cover - All Over Print
Stretch Mural Table Cover - All Over Print

Here’s a short video explaining why dye sublimation is so much better than screen printing. 

Another reason you should choose full-color dye sublimation printing is that you get vivid colors and perfect details.

So, whenever you use your table covers, you'll definitely grab your customers’ attention. You'll also be able to boost brand recognition, especially when you use tones that match those of your brand.

But the best part is that your stretch tablecloth won't fade on you no matter how much you use or wash it.

Confirm That There Are Footpads Integrated at the Corners Under the Table Legs

This is an exclusive feature to stretch tablecloths and very important to look out for.

The reason for this is that, unlike draping table covers, the stretch cloths pull tightly over table-tops and tuck under table legs. 

If footpads aren't integrated into the cloth, then it'll be prone to tearing or wearing thin with every use and push of the table.

All our stretch covers (the Stretch Mural, Front Panel Print Spandex and All Over Print Spandex) come with rubber footing that protects them from wear and tear, making them more durable.

What's truly exceptional about these footpads is that they give your display a nice finished look because the tablecloth is clasped at the legs, keeping it from rolling up.

Printed Spandex Table Cover - All Over Print
Printed Spandex Table Cover - All Over Print

Look for Those Made with Durability

Since you're constantly hosting events, whether they be product launches, luncheons, or shareholder meetings, you need something that can be used repeatedly without wearing out. Our Stretch Mural table cover does exactly that.

With a 240g stretch polyester fabric, this tablecloth is extremely durable.

But that's not all.

Just like its spandex counterparts, it’s 100% flame retardant, meaning you can serve hot food on it without worrying about damaging the tablecloth. Here’s a short video with more on this.

All our custom stretch covers are also wrinkle-free, which is perfect if you hold events often and need to move the covers from one location to another. 

Know in Advance What Table Size You’ll Be Using

When using tightly fitted tablecloths, the table size really matters because they’re sewn to fit a table perfectly.

For draping covers, you can buy one made for a 6ft wide table, and it'll fit just fine on an 8ft wide table and vice versa.

However, that's not the case with stretch table covers. A 6ft wide tablecloth will only fit a 6ft wide table.

So, it's crucial to find out in advance the table size you’ll use in an event to buy the right sizes. We make our covers to fit the widely accepted industry table size standards.

Here are the measurements you’ll use to determine what tablecloths to buy.

Standard Table size Stretch Mural Front Panel Print Spandex All Over Print Spandex
Rectangle 4ft table 24in X 4ft X 29in tall 24in X 4ft X 29in tall 24in X 4ft X 29in tall
Rectangle 6ft table 30in X 6ft X 29in tall 30in X 6ft X 29in tall 30in X 6ft X 29in tall
Rectangle 8ft table 30in X 8ft X 29in tall 30in X 8ft X 29in tall 30in X 8ft X 29in tall
Cocktail table 30in round X 42in tall 30in round X 42in tall

Buy From a Company That Offers Unlimited Printing Capability

You can use your table cover to stand out from the crowd and grab people's attention by adding your logo. But, at MVP Visuals, we go beyond the logo to give you more visibility.

Using our trusted 4-color (CMYK) process, we create a background that makes your logo and other graphics pop and grab your customers' attention.

Spandex Table Cover - Front Panel Print
Spandex Table Cover - Front Panel Print

You get two printing options.

  • Front panel only with the Front Panel Print Spandex cover and
  • Unlimited printing on the entire cover with Stretch Mural and All Over Print Spandex covers 

You can also choose to have event-specific tablecloths, where you spruce up your graphics to match the event. Here’s what we’ve seen some of our clients do:

  • Exhibit a mascot in their team uniform playing—for a sporting event
  • Display their brand name, logo, and pictures of their products—at a product launch
  • Print all four panels of the tablecloth with vivid logos—for trade show table covers

You want to hear the best part?

We provide all these extra services on the table covers at no additional cost. 

Consider the Type of Backing You Want

Find a backing that matches your needs. Whether you want to have an evenly covered table or hide away merchandise you can easily retrieve, you’ll get exactly that.

At MVP, we offer three types of backing on our stretch tablecloths.

Backing type Purpose
Closed backs For a center point table that needs to look tidy all around, like one holding the latest products at a roundtable shareholder meeting
Open backs For hiding away extra merchandise and easily get to it whenever needed
Zipper backs For both a tidy overall look and accessibility to extra items well hidden under the table


What’s the Difference Between the Spandex and Stretch Mural Table Covers?

There are four major differences between our Front Panel Print Spandex, All Over Print Spandex, and the Stretch Mural covers, save for the price (which we’ll talk about later).

Here’s a table highlighting these differences.

Category Stretch Mural Spandex covers (Front Panel Print–-All Over Print)
Stretch fabric used 240g 100% flame retardant stretch polyester—more durable 180g 100% flame-resistant spandex
Fitting Stretches all the way to the floor Has a 2-inch bottom arch
Backing choices Has three backing styles:
  • Closed backs
  • Open backs
  • Zipper backs
Has two backing styles:
  • Closed backs
  • Open backs
Dye sublimation printing Unlimited printing on the entire table cover Unlimited printing:
  • Only on the front panel for the Front Panel Spandex table cover
  • On the entire table cover for the All Over Print Spandex table cover

Why Are Stretch Mural Tablecloths More Expensive Than Their Spandex Counterparts, Yet They Look Exactly the Same?

The Stretch Mural custom printed table cover is a little pricey because of the durability of the material used. The 240g stretch polyester is more durable than the 180g spandex fabric used on the Spandex covers.

But more than that, the Stretch Mural gives your display table a more cohesive appearance. 

Turn Heads With Our Custom Stretch Table Covers 

Our custom printed stretch tablecloths will help you grab your customers’ attention instantly. With the vibrant colors and perfect fit, the tablecloths will capture the attention of anyone passing by your booth at the next event.

You'll also sport a tidy and organized look and not worry about the safety of your merchandise.

We’re a brand you can trust because aside from providing unmatched professionalism, we've worked with some of the biggest names, including NASA and LEGO. Check out the brands we've worked with.


Ready to wow your customers and competitors at your next event? Get a quick quote today.