Light Pole Banners

Paint the town!

A light pole banner can help you get your name on the streets – literally. These highly-visible banners are a great way to put your advertising out where it’s sure to draw eyes. Using brackets mounted to light poles, you can hang vertical banners that are custom printed with your logo, an image, or promotional text. Light pole banners are available in solution dyed acrylic as well as 18 oz. vinyl.

Since they’re made for outdoor advertising, these light pole banners are hardy in any weather, and meant to look great from a distance and up close. Perfect for retail signage, event promotions, municipal signs, or parking lots, light pole banners can be a very effective way to draw in new customers, or advertise sales. For schools and colleges, light pole banners are great for navigation and special events. Want the best possible fit with your hardware? Please fill out our light pole guide here.

Our light pole banners come in a range of colors, sizes, materials and styles. If you’re not sure which of our 3 options is best for your needs, watch the video to the right for help choosing! We also offer 2 choices for brackets, to securely mount your light pole banners for long-term use.

Of our 3 light pole banners, the Sunbrella is our most cost-effective option for larger quantity orders. This double sided banner is printed on a woven fabric that’s easy to take care of.

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective option for a single banner, or small order, then our double sided 18 oz. vinyl light pole banner is it. This is a heavy-duty vinyl material that will stand up to any weather for long-term outdoor use.

Finally, we offer the Element 1010 light pole banner. This is the digital print equivalent to the Sunbrella, printed (single or double sided) on waterproof and wind-resistant polyester.