Fabric Banners

Reach out with your branding – indoors or outdoors.

Fabric banners are the perfect way to reach out and grab visitors’ attention. With a well-placed design that’s big and bold, you can put your brand logo, promotion or image in front of many eyes – and hook them in to find out more about your offer or services. And we don’t stock just a few options. You’ll have tons of choice when it comes to color, materials, style and size. Have a look around our fabric (non-vinyl) banners below!

Fabric banners are especially effective for indoor events, where bright lights or camera flashes can cause glare that makes it hard to see the printed images or text on the banner. Using fabric instead of vinyl (often used for heavy duty outdoor banners) eliminates this problem, since these fabrics give your graphic a softer look and feel. Choose from great options like heavy knit, stretch knit, polyester poplin, sheer, silk, satin, linen, nylon, mesh and more.

Your choices for fabric banners come in a range of prices starting from just $49, so you can find something cost-effective as well as something high-end. That’s why we offer our classic indoor polyester banner in both economy and premium styles. You can even choose whether you’d like single or double sided printing for your banner, and grommets or pole pockets for hanging it. We offer choices at every step, so that you can get exactly what you want for your space, with the features that work with your needs.

If you’re in the market for a banner to hang outside, our outdoor banner option is constructed from a heavier duty fabric for durability – opaque mutisol polyester. For something a little different, consider our mesh choices as well. These mesh banners allow wind and sound to pass through, but still yield a sharp-looking print. Opt for our Hanging 3D Displays if you need a truly unmissable design that grabs your visitors attention.