Polyester Table Cover - Front Panel Print

How to Use Trade Show Table Covers to Stand Out

During a trade show, how can you ensure that your display attracts the right leads who will not only hover around, but become interested enough to buy your products and spread the word around? 

Customize your trade show table throws by adding custom imprints, selecting suitable table cover material and using your brand designs cut-out shapes. Check out how these custom imprints made this display table pop for Costco!

Imprints and design cut-outs provide visual appeal to your audience. Selecting appropriate cover material for an event is professional and cost-effective. 

Customizing indicates that you value your audience and that you took time to plan for the event. 

With these techniques, you are guaranteed to stand out among prospective clients.

Use Customized, Branded Imprints

Imprints represent your brand name. Customize your table covers during a trade show by adding branded imprints. 

For instance, you can incorporate your company’s contact details, logo, add in a few images and use brand colors. 

Customized imprints appear as the following:

All-Over Prints

These appear on all sides of the table covers. No matter how the show table is displayed, all-over prints are visible. 

The Difference Between Dye Sublimation and Screen PrintingThe Difference Between Dye Sublimation and Screen Printing

For example, if you are using a three-sided cover, the prints will be visible on all three sides. 

Using repeated prints commands a greater impact for attracting the audience to your booth. This is because the covers scream out your brand name from all angles. 

On the downside, if done incorrectly, they can do the opposite. For instance, if the imprints are too large compared to the size of the table, they can be overwhelming to the eyes. 

Front Panel Full Color Prints

These are visible on the front side of the trade show table. If using either a tablecloth or a table runner, ensure the printed panel is displayed on the front side to face your audience.

Spandex Table Cover - Front Panel PrintSpandex Table Cover - Front Panel Print

To make the front panel prints pop, usually the rest of the table cover is in one color. To custom-color yours, select from a wide range of up to 50. 

Front panel full color prints are effective where your displayed items have fully covered the table top. 

See how this concept was adopted by Six Flags during their food and brew festival. 

Polyester Table Cover - 1 Color Front Panel PrintPolyester Table Cover - 1 Color Front Panel Print

Front Panel One-Color Prints 

To stand out with this simple, yet sophisticated option, you get to choose a single color to be used on the front panel. We worked with Chameleon Cold Brew and their stand really popped.

This one color is applied to your brand name or image, whereas the rest of the material gets another color. Ensure the color choice reflects your brand. 

Choose Appropriate Trade Show Table Cover Fabric

When planning for a trade show, your choice of tablecloth fabric goes a long way in marketing your brand. 

Certain tablecloth materials are suitable for some events whereas others are not. 

Before selecting one for your table covers, here are a few questions to guide you.

  • Is it an indoor or outdoor event? For outdoor events, go for sturdy, weather-proof materials. A good example is 600d polyester.
  • Are there spillable items to be displayed? Examples are food, drinks and paints.
  • Are there strenuous activities likely to take place in your booth during the event? Your choice of fabric should withstand such activities.

In addition, watch this video to help you when selecting materials

To save you unnecessary frustration, we provide various tablecloth materials that match your budget, brand and event type. 

Use Convertible Tablecloths for Different Table Sizes

These throws are adjustable to fit custom table sizes. For example, you can stretch a convertible cover to fit different custom rectangular table sizes such as a 6-inch and an 8-inch one. 

Adjusting sizes is made possible by a non-visible loop and Velcro hook. 

Investing in convertible tablecloths comes in handy if you’re prone to attending many trade shows. 

If you have back-to-back events and lack the time to change your display itinerary, having these tablecloths saves you. Don’t worry about wrinkles as this material is wrinkle-resistant. 

To stand out when using convertible tablecloths, custom-make them by printing promotional items, dyeing them to your preferred color and using printed layouts.

Customize Your Polyester Tablecloths 

These tablecloths offer you unlimited printing and color options. 

For instance, you can dye the material in full, one, or multi color depending on what represents your brand. You can also add template imprints or design your own prints for display. 

As such, standing out during a trade show is seamless. Steal the event by displaying custom product images, brand name and artwork. 

Besides being attractive, these tablecloths are budget-friendly and safe as polyester is flame-resistant

These fabrics can come in the form of stretch mural tablecloths, liquid repellent and spandex. The table covers used by Visit California are excellent examples of spandex and polyester materials. 

Spandex is popular for being lightweight and highly elastic. This gives off a clean, top-notch and polished look to your display. Use spandex to stand out in business events. 

Keep in mind, that liquid repellent fabrics are effective for spill-proofing your displays and tablecloths.

Liquid Repellent Polyester Table Cover - Front Panel PrintLiquid Repellent Polyester Table Cover - Front Panel Print

Unlike spandex, stretch mural cloths are extra thick, hence durable. As such, they’re suitable for outdoor events and heavy displays. 

Choose fitted stretch mural tablecloths to stand out during a trade show. This option gives a smooth finish to your show table. It’s also flame-resistant hence you don’t have to worry about hot meals or drinks igniting fire. 

Still confused about choosing materials? Here’s a comparison table of these fabrics.

Material Spandex Stretch mural 600d polyester Convertible Regular polyester
Texture Lightweight Extra thick Heavy duty, sturdy Lightweight Lightweight
Where to use Appropriate for all events Great for all events Appropriate for outdoor events Appropriate for any event Great for every event
Durability Durable Very durable Very durable Durable Durable
How to clean Machine washable Machine washable Machine washable Machine washable Machine washable
Safety precautions Flame resistant, Flame resistant, UV, flame, weather resistant Flame resistant Flame resistant

Personalize Your Table Covers Designs

Standing out during an event calls for going against trade show norms. 

One way of doing this, besides having personalized imprints is by using custom designs inspired by your brand. 

Here are three awesome ways you can achieve this.

Fold Tablecloths and Table Runners According to Your Brand’s Logo Shapes

What better way to represent your brand than to use your brand shapes as cover designs? 

With a little creativity and help, fold regular tablecloths, table skirts and table runners into your brand shapes. Pins and staples come in handy to hold them in shape. 

Apart from folding, your trade show table covers can be cut out into your logo shape. 

Alternatively, the shapes can be designed from other fabrics and stuck or sewn onto the tablecloths to make custom embroidery pieces. 

Well cut-out cloths are reusable for future trade shows, thereby reducing your costs.

Use Relevant Themes to Display Tablecloths and Table Runners

What values do your brand stand for? Incorporate them when customizing your table covers. Examples of display themes:

  • Organic 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Allergy-free 
  • Non-toxic

For example, if you use recyclable or biodegradable packaging items in your company, why not use recyclable table runners, tablecloths and ink for imprints? Be sure to let your clients know this is what you’ve done.

In addition, include trademarks that represent such themes on the table covers. This creates awareness for your audience and attracts like-minded individuals who may want to support your endeavors. 

At MVP Visuals, we accommodate unique ideas that help you stand out. If you wish to use the mentioned items, as opposed to regular materials, we will advise you on where to fetch such items from, then we’ill do the rest. 

Dye Your Table Covers According to Your Brand Color

With the latest cutting-edge printing technique known as dye-sublimation, custom-coloring a tablecloth or a table runner has been simplified. 

Here’s a video demonstration of how printing is done.

You have the option to choose from a Pantone color matching system for exact color shades. After choosing, we offer you samples to approve before dyeing the materials. 

For maximum effect, apply custom-color not only on table covers, but also on your printed banners, souvenirs and display products. 

A color coordinated booth is a plus when you want to attract clients. 

Over to You Now...

How would you like to customize your table covers? 

Do you already have tablecloths but are not sure how to revamp them for the upcoming trade show? Bring them to life by adding colors, personalized imprints as well as cut-out brand designs. 

Even if you don’t have a tablecloth at hand, you can rely on MVP Visuals to create custom table cover items that match your brand’s needs. 

With a quick turnaround of 2-3 days between design approval and product shipping as well as a swift single day production, you are guaranteed of timely deliveries on your orders. Here’s a satisfied customer,

Moreover, we’re available from Monday to Monday. Feel free to email, live chat, or call us!