Product Spotlight: Expand Podium Case Kit

You only have a few moments to attract the attention of a person walking by your display, so the right visuals can make all the difference. Today, we are highlighting our Expand Podium Case Kit, which is a spacious and practical display option for trade shows, conferences, expos, super market displays, and other promotional events.

The Expand Podium sets the stage for your product by providing an attractive, branded counter that encourages those passing by to stop and take a closer look. The entire kit includes a podium case with top, shelves, skirting, print, and mounting hardware. Here are just some of the excellent benefits that the Expand Podium Case Kit offers:

  • Compact – The Expand Podium is compact, making it simple to transport and store. When closed, the podium has the following dimensions: W 48 7/16”, H 39”, and D 24”.

  • Easy to Use and Transport – The kit easily converts into counter space in a matter of minutes. The wheeled transport box also makes it easy for you to maneuver and carry other elements of your display, such as additional visuals or display walls.
  • Provides Storage – Once you have opened up the counter, the Expand Podium offers you shelving and storage options behind the podium for pamphlets, products, or anything else that you might need to store.

If you are looking for practical counter space that is ideal for product demos, sampling, and presentations, check out our Expand Podium Case Kit. With four different countertop options and shades, we can help you find the Expand Podium that matches your visuals and branding to create a stunning display that will turn heads.

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