Light Pole Banner Options To Improve Your Display

Light Pole Banner Options To Improve Your Display

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As a city government, university, or community-based organization, you've ordered your fair share of light pole banners. And, since this is such a common form of branding, you're probably aware that you have plenty of options when placing an order - but which one is right for you?

At MVP Visuals, we take pride in offering you the best options. We've narrowed down our most popular light pole variations and accessories to make things easy for you.

What are my light pole banner options?

When it comes to ordering your light pole banner, it's important to know what style banner you need. Our two most popular fabrics are 18-oz. vinyl and Sunbrella. Here's why:

18-oz. vinyl

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If you live in an area that faces all kinds of intense weather, you’ll need a heavy-duty fabric for your light pole banner that is durable for all-purpose use. Hang an 18 oz. vinyl light pole banner on your local street poles to promote your logo, direct cars and pedestrians to your business, or advertise your community event in any kind of weather.


Light Pole, Light Pole Banner, Sunbrella

Sunbrella is a viable option for a fabric banner with a digital print. This means you can print any photograph directly onto the banner (rather than screen printing a graphic).

This fabric is similar to canvas in the fact that it is woven and durable for long-lasting use. It is weather-resistant to face the elements - so you don't have to worry about leaving your banners attached in a storm.


Light Pole, Light Pole Banner, Titan Adjustable Hardware

Of course, you can't install a light pole banner without hardware. Your banner attaches to a street pole through a simple bracket and grommet system. We offer special adjustable banner hardware to make it easier for you.

Our adjustable banner hardware comes with a one-bolt tension adjustment that adjusts and locks quickly and securely. This guarantees you an easy set-up and changing in any location.

What are your go-to light pole banner options? Share them with us so we can highlight your opinion in a future post.

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