iPad Madness: New Ways to Get Leads at Your Trade Show

iPad Madness: New Ways to Get Leads at Your Trade Show

Trade shows can seem a little passé at times, especially if you aren't incorporating new technologies into your display. Since we specialize in making your trade show display unique, we want to offer you the most up-to-date technologies we can. That's why MVP Visuals offers an iPad display stand that props up on a custom podium or wall mounted within your booth.

How does that help you? You can use your iPad to collect information in your trade show booth, skipping over outdated scanner systems and creating leads that you can convert to sales. iPad apps are popping up all over the place to ensure that you stay connected to your customers on various platforms and keep your product fresh in their mind.

Here are some ways to get leads with your iPad at your next trade show:



The iLead Retrieval system is an app available for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android phone. Simply download the app on the Apple or Android App store, then place an order with Lead Retrieval International. You'll be given an access code for LeadsLightning approximately a week before your event.

Then, you can use your device at your trade show: enter your attendees' badge ID numbers to collect their information onto a database that is updated over a cellular/wireless network. These contacts are available 24/7 during your event and for up to six months after the show.



Robin (formerly known as Buzz Band) is an identifying software that tracks attendees of various events - not just trade shows - and interacts with them via social networking and informational databases. Users receive an RFID token, such as a wristband, that they register their information to and then link to a social account (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or email). From there, they can check-in to your booth, tag you in photos, and more, while you connect with them through Facebook 'likes,' tweets, and more. By establishing this social connection, you can stay in contact with your customer after the event to turn your lead into a sale.



Zuant is an iPad-exclusive mobile lead capture app that scans QR codes and badges to store contact information from your leads on a cloud-based network that you can access anywhere. It shows the progress of your trade show staff - who's collecting data from who - and automatically syncs over a wireless network. Plus, Zuant integrates with marketing systems like Eloqua to measure your progress and show you how many leads you were able to convert to sales.



Photo: PRNewsFoto/NewLeads, Inc.

The LeadPad by NewLeads is an integrated app for your iPad that reads any type of trade show badge and inputs additional inquiries, including product needs, budgets, etc. and reports that information directly to a cloud-like database on its own network. LeadPad's real-time updates allow you to access all your customer information at once as it is input into the system.

MVP Tip: Don't be afraid to stand out! Once you get your lead information, reach out in unique ways. Send your customers a LinkedIn request for a more personal connection, or give them the option to sign up for your newsletter in the booth. That way, you secure your interactions through social - ensuring that they'll stay in touch one way or another.

What technologies do you use to collect (and convert) leads? Let us know below.

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