How To Enhance Your Trade Show Visuals with Booth Accessories

How To Enhance Your Trade Show Visuals with Booth Accessories

A lot of elements have to come together for the right event display – furniture, flooring, banners, tables, and all your custom branded visuals. But even a display that seems complete can be improved, and just a few well-chosen accessories can make all the difference. If you look at the top trade show booths at big events, they’re using accessories to improve both the look and functionality of their displays.

No doubt you put a lot of time and energy into choosing your custom printed visuals and perfect graphics – so complementing them with smart accessories is a no-brainer. Here are just a few ideas that can elevate your display and take you to the next level:

Accent Lighting

trade show lightingYou’ve probably noticed this at the most eye-catching trade show booths – they know just how to light up their graphics for maximum impact at first sight. You can light your backwall with halogen lights from above, highlighting your logo or custom graphics. Lighting kits for this purpose are easy to find, but many backwalls today even come with the necessary lights. Or, light your showiest banner or event space from below with a low floor light pointing up.

Lighted Displays

LightboxWant to highlight a specific image? Consider using a lightbox to draw attention to a custom graphic or photo. These backlighted frames can be the perfect focal point since they’re not very common. Your logo, photo or other image is printed on a woven material that is softly lit from behind by LED lights, and the entire box is easily mounted.

Stands and Holders

iPad StandSure, you have a perfectly good table. And you could, of course, spread your literature, samples, and promotional items on the table. But they’ll be so much more noticeable, neat and professional with simple accessories to give them a boost. Consider literature holders for your pamphlets and catalogs, an iPad stand for that tablet you want everyone to use, and merchandise displays for highlighting your samples.

Marketing on the Move

Walking banner bladeHitting the trade show floor for a coffee run, or scoping out some B2B prospects? You don’t have to leave all your great graphics back at the booth. Check out this great new mobile marketing boost – a walking banner blade! Show off your logo or custom design with that great banner blade shape and style (5 styles actually: drop, concave, convex, straight, and angled), strapped onto a light and comfortable backpack. It even has side pockets for extras, business cards, and a water bottle.

It’s not likely you’d forget to get a custom table cover printed, or leave your backwall at home. But it can be easy to forget the accessories that will really improve the overall look and sophistication of your trade show exhibit. Get in touch with questions or to talk about your plans – we’re always here to help!