How to Attract Visitors to Your Trade Show Booth

How to Attract Visitors to Your Trade Show Booth

A trade show booth is an ideal avenue that can be used to advertise your product to the attendees and help you to obtain all of their contact information for future leads. Proper planning and preparation will help you make a successful trade show booth by getting you additional exposure to the brand and receiving new leads. Generating more traffic to your booth is the ideal goal of a trade show booth and here are some great tips to help you have a successful time.

Create a Friendly and Open Booth

You need to have your booth staffed with amicable and friendly staff that will encourage your customers to interact and help to attract more visitors to your trade show booth. In the majority of trade shows it is extremely helpful for your booth staff to actively engage the people that are passing your trade show booth. It also helps to find a professional staff that you can train before the actual event.

Utilize Free Giveaways to Promote Your Brand

You can increase the traffic that you get from your booth by providing free giveaways to those that stop by when they provide their contact information. You should ensure that anything you giveaway has your logo or brand name front and centre, along with your contact information printed on them. This will help you to get the biggest benefit from your brand advertisement.

You need to make sure that you stay within in the budget that you have established for the trade show when you are determining what you are going to give away. Some great ideas, which are also affordable, to giveaway at your trade show booth include notepads, pens, popcorn, water bottles and candies. However, if you have a larger giveaway budget, you may want to choose a higher quality items such as tote bags, t-shirts and calculators. You can determine the budget for this part of the trade show by determining the type of attendee that you are expecting at the event.

Use Entertainment for Engagement

Consider a “wheel of fortune” at your booth, which gives visitors to your booth a chance to win prizes. These wheels are able to be rented very inexpensively so you do not have to purchase one outright. You can also have a raffle for everyone that leaves their business card.

Another popular option for entertainment at a trade show is hiring a caricaturist. Here you can have your visitors wait in a line to have their caricature made. While waiting, you have the opportunity to interact with them regarding your services and products. Be sure you ask them to leave behind their business cards.

Use Vivid Graphics

You should ensure that the trade show displays you create appear colourful and attractive so that you can catch the attention of anyone that is passing by. However, it is also important to invest money into this endeavour, otherwise you may wind up with a cheap looking booth that will not be appealing to potential customers.

While designing your trade show booth to attract visitors is not rocket science, it does take some time, effort, resources and careful planning.


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