How To Save Money On Your Custom Printed Tent: Part 1

Custom printed canopy tents are super popular these days for events and trade shows and serve as an excellent branding opportunity. But are you overspending during the planning process? Let’s find out! Here are a few pointers to save money on your next custom printed tent order.

Tip #1: Understand the Print Methods


Since the print is a large part of the overall cost, let’s discuss the print process first. Canopy tents can be printed in two different ways:

1.      Screen Printed

2.      Digitally Printed

Due to the advances in digital printing technology over the years, the pricing for 4 color process digital printing has come down significantly. However, a 1 or 2 color screen print could still be less expensive depending on your design. The bottom line: how you design your tent will impact the price.

Screen Print

A screen print is when the printer is actually taking ink and pulling it over a screen with film of your logo cut out on it.  For a spot color screen print, you need to create a new screen for every color. For example: if you have a 2-color logo tent, two separate screens will be created. Once the screen is built, the cost of running the ink over the screen is small in comparison to the cost of building the screen. So if you have a 2-color logo, and would like two different sizes of that logo printed, the total number of screens created is 4. As a result, we’d recommend screen printing when using the same logo (at the same size) in as many locations as possible.


Digital Print

The digital process uses a formula of ink with the four colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) to “build” the color.  Because the dots are printed right on the material, it’s necessary to start with a white substrate, or base material.  So any time you’d like your printed tent to be a color other than white (or our 22 stock colors), it requires “full coverage printing” – meaning the entire tent has to be dyed. We’d recommend asking in advance what stock colors are available. As a result, digital printing is more cost effective in two areas: when there are 2+ colors on more than 1 peak or valance or when there are 3+ colors anywhere. We’ll always help you through the order process, but hopefully this gives you a head start. Now that we’ve covered the canopy tent print process, you’re ready for the additional tips in our next post!

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