How to Be Social At Your Next Trade Show

If you're a trade show aficionado, you're the type to stay up-to-date with your booth technology. While we're here to help you create the best trade show display, we also want to make sure you're leading the show with advanced practices and techniques. That means staying current with your social networking. Not only does social media publicize your trade show appearances in real time, it allows attendees to interact with you and give you free publicity.

Here are some tips to be social at your next trade show:

1. Publicize ahead of time

Want to inspire your customers to come see you at your show, or to interact with you while you're working your booth? Utilize social media before the show to let them know how they can engage with you. Offer a contest for attendees: have them "check in" to your booth or post photos of the booth on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a chance to win a sample product or service from your company. Publicizing a contest like that ahead of time will get your customers to come out to the show or pull in attendees that are trying to plan their booth visits.

2. Use technology

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Our iPad stands are a perfect example of technological advances for trade show displays that can utilize social media. Using unique ideas, like setting up a photo booth at your display that automatically publishes attendees' photos to Facebook, allows you to instantly publicize your success at the show and to brag about how much fun your customers are having with you.

3. Keep your customers up-to-date

The best way to stay active on social media is to be constantly plugged in. Assign a worker's device to be constantly running your Twitter accounts so your staff can trade off shifts - post photos of other booths, provide a play-by-play of awesome seminars and demonstrations, and utilize hashtags for your trade show, company, brand, and more so you can start a conversation with other businesses and attendees at the show.

Have an idea on how to incorporate social media at your next trade show? Share it with us!

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