Themes For Your Trade Show Display

As a seasoned veteran of the trade show network, you're used to designing a display that fits your, or another's, brand's needs. You also know how important it is to keep your display unique, fresh, and at the top of everyone's list. Don't have a booth that simply advertises your brand - incorporate unique themes that keep your trade show display from being forgettable.

Here are some tips to making a themed trade show display:


Attending a trade show or conference in an exotic or popular location? Put on your tourist hat and theme your displays around the locale.

Idea: If you're displaying at a trade show in Hawaii or Miami, incorporate tropical floral prints or palm trees into your design, adding the print to your logo on your custom printed signage, or include a tropical scene on your pipe and drape display to give an "outdoors" feel in your indoor booth.


Since your display is crucial for demonstrating and showcasing your product, your theme should keep your product in mind.

Idea: Advertising new athletic wear? Theme your display around a specific sport or athlete to provide consistency and show attendees your product in action. Have your booth staff wear your running sneaker, ask a local or (if budget allows) famed track star to model for your custom printed banners, and get custom printed flooring that resembles a running track.

Show Theme

Most trade shows or conferences nowadays have annual themes. The 2013 NWPPA Engineering & Operations Conference and Trade Show, for example, themed itself as “Public Power Rocks!,” basing itself on community and power within the engineering industry. If you want to make an impression at your trade show, try setting your booth to the theme of the show.

Idea: If you were going to the 2013 NWPPA show, how could you incorporate "Public Power Rocks!" into your theme? Try focusing on rock music through the ages - if your electrical engineering company has been established since the 1950s, make a display that showcases how technology has adapted alongside rock and roll music. Use floor clings to make a walkable timeline that directs attendees through your booth and educates them on your company's mission.

What do you keep in mind when making a themed trade show display? Share your ideas with us.

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