Top Products For Church Displays

As a church leader, you probably find yourself incredibly busy at all hours of the day. Not only do you have plenty of ministry duties, you're given dozens of events, fundraisers, fairs, and celebrations to plan - and you have to make sure everything looks great. Because of this, it's important that your church display is in top shape and fits all your needs.

Here are the most popular products MVP Visuals offers for church displays:

Printed Spandex

Church Displays, Spandex Table cover, table cover, printed table cover

Our spandex table cover collection is your best bet for a clean, wrinkle-resistant display that suits your needs at any indoor or outdoor event. The ability to print your logo or message makes these table covers perfect for retreats, fundraisers, fairs, and more.

Stretch Classic, Church Display

Need a plain table cover for a variety of uses? A stretch classic is a non-printed version of our popular stretch mural. This option fits any 6-ft tables you may have at your church display, and simply stretches over your table for a quick setup and professional look. Because this is a non-printed option, you can use it as a display at any event your church holds.

Price: Printed Spandex (6ft) - $289
Stretch Classic (6ft) - $39


Chances are, if your event is in a large area, you'll need directional signage. Or, maybe you want to advertise an upcoming event. Large format banners are a great option for church displays both indoor and outdoor. Opt for a fabric banner for your indoor use, or a vinyl banner for outdoor use  (street signage, fairs, and more).

Fabric Banners, Church Displays

Fabric Banners for Indoor Use

Church Display, Banners, Vinyl Banner

Vinyl Banners for Indoor or Outdoor Use

For pricing information, ask any of our sales associates - call us at (800) 980-6871.

Printed Runners

Church Display, Table Runners

Sometimes you just need to add something to a plain table cover. A printed runner places your message on a basic non-printed tablecloth so you can enhance your already-established church display. Get your table runner printed in full color for some extra pizzazz. These table runners are available in an assortment of polyester options - basic, eco, flame retardant, and liquid repellent.

Prices vary depending on size - call any of our associates at (800) 980-6871 for more information.

**Are you a portable/open church and unsure what products to use for your signage? These items are all ideal for both portable churches as well as brick and mortar churches.**

What products do you use for branding your church display? Share your favorites with us in our comment section.

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