Perfect Your Polyester: Fabric Options

So you've decided you want a polyester table cloth. Great! You've chosen a wrinkle-free option that's easy to clean and print. These table cloths come in a variety of styles, including throw and fitted, that help you make your trade show display clean, professional, and impressive. Plus, our polyester fabric is available in over 70 colors, offering you additional customization options, and we will always provide you a free digital proof before printing your table cover.

However, there are many different types of polyester for you to choose from when designing a polyester table cover. All of these fabrics can be custom print or non-printed, and include fitted, pleated, or throw styles, but each fabric offers you its own unique benefit.

Here are your polyester fabric options for a custom printed tablecloth:

Basic Polyester

Polyester, Table Covers

Basic polyester is exactly what it sounds like - no bells and whistles here. These table covers are made from 100% polyester poplin. These are ideal for everyday use, constant travel, and in-business displays. Utilize screen printing options to enhance your brand. Basic polyester is our most popular option (and our most straightforward).

Eco Polyester

Polyester, Table Covers, Eco Poly

Are you green? Eco poly is made from 100% recycled polyester. This is an environmentally-friendly option, for the earth-aware customer. Utilize this option for your indoor events or displays.

Flame Retardant

Polyester, Table Covers, Flame Retardant

If you plan on transporting your display to trade shows or conferences, you have to check the event's rules and regulations before getting a custom-printed item. Many trade shows require fabrics be flame retardant for safety purposes. Our table covers are available in flame retardant polyester for that reason. Not only will you fit these regulations, you and your team (and your table cover!) will be safe from any damage that can be caused in case of a fire.

Liquid Repellent

Polyester, Table Covers, Liquid Repellent

Don't let your display become a mess. When dealing with liquid products, beverages, or foods, you want to make sure your tabletop is protected. Our liquid repellent polyester is specially treated to gather spills into small pools of liquid that can easily be absorbed for a quick, convenient cleanup.

Which polyester option is your go-to for a custom printed table cloth? Share your opinions with us in our comment section.

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