Don't Let Your Trade Show Display Break the Bank

The trade business is a tricky and expensive place. Not only do you have to face the cost of travel and show reservations, but you have to provide a display that's eye-catching, informative, and fits your budget. Demand Metric's blog post "Six Low-Cost Ways to Breathe Life Into Your Trade Show Display" shows some easy and effective ways to limit the cost of your trade show display without minimizing the display itself.

Demand Metric's advice includes some thoughtful cost-cutting techniques, such as offering unique promotional products, hosting a giveaway, setting up a twitter feed, and more, but our favorite piece of advice is one that we give to our customers all the time: create reusable (and attractive) signage.

Hire a professional designer to make your banners stand out. Make sure the sign can be read from a distance, and the colors are vibrant (without being garish). The sign’s job is to lure people to your booth.

It's easy to get your logo printed on an impressive, cost-effective, evergreen platform. Here are some reusable displays you can use for your next trade show:



Demand Metric said it themselves - a sign's job is to bring people to your booth. Do it with a roll up banner that can be seen from across the trade floor. These banners are often replaceable if they ever wear, are easy to transport and set up, and are a simple means of hosting your logo.

Custom Printed Table Covers

table cover, table cloth, custom printed table cover

For more brand exposure within your booth, opt for a custom printed table cover. These custom table cloths help you display your message in various settings and displays, including trade shows, promotions, presentations, and within your organization itself. This variety in use allows you to maximize your investment in signage and spend less on your next event.


carpets, Digiprint, duramats


It's easy to utilize a custom printed carpet for various uses. Find a carpet that is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use - and, most importantly, one that is easy to clean and transport. With your logo printed on it, a carpet can be the perfect touch for any event, appealing to passersby and drawing them in. A durable carpet will go a long way and keep you from repeatedly buying new signage (and wasting your money).

What custom printed products do you use for a cost-effective display? Share with us in the comments.

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