Trade Show Carpet: Buy or Rent?

Your trade show display is all set up, and you're looking to add some finishing touches. Since you have a booth with tables, chairs, and promotional displays all around, it might be helpful to ground yourself through display flooring. Utilize a trade show carpet to attract passersby and provide a professional, yet comfortable feel in your display. But do you want to buy or rent your trade show carpet? How do you know which option is best for you?

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Why should I buy a trade show carpet?

Custom Printing

The biggest benefit to buying a trade show carpet is the ability to get it custom printed. Order a carpet in your company colors or embedded with your logo to promote your brand and increase your marketing through a simple tool that everyone will see.

Because of the variability offered by custom printing your mat, you can use your carpet outside of a trade show scenario. Your logo can be displayed in your storefront, in your business, in an entryway, and more - an option you are not given by renting a carpet.

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If you frequent trade shows or any event where you'll be needing a carpet, the price of renting more than once will likely be more than the cost of buying a carpet.

A single 3’ x 5’ rented indoor logo mat can cost approximately $900 over a three year period. In contrast, a purchased 3’ x 5’ high quality logo mat costs approximately $200, with a lifespan of three to five years.

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Improved Safety and Performance

If you purchase a trade show carpet, you're in direct control of its maintenance. This allows you to properly store it when it is not in use, preventing the carpet from being worn down by unnecessary use. You also can clean your custom printed mat yourself, ensuring that its taken care of properly and stays in the best shape and appearance.

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