Bow Flags: Everything You Need to Know

Bow flags (banner blades) are tall, drop-shaped banner flags that protrude outward from the ground, on stands, or off a wall and pinpoint your location. With a pole sleeve made of printed flag material, you can utilize the full space of your flag for advertising. Bow flags can be combined with different bases for indoor and outdoor use, and are available with integrated bearing that allows your flag to move easily in the wind.

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What kind of bow flags should I get?

The style of banner blades you order really depends on the statement you're trying to make. Since each style of bow flag varies in height and look, it's important to know you're delivering your message the right way. Our banner blades can be separated into two categories - drop style and flying style - that send out your message in two very different ways.

Drop Style

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Unlike the rest of our bow flags, drop flags are limited by height at a maximum of 14 feet tall. They're perfect to make a small splash with your logo or to direct people to your booth, storefront, or presentation.

Flying Style

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Concave flying style bow flag

Flying flags are available with a concave (above), convex, straight, or angled bottom.  The difference between each style is the shape of the flag's bottom. The concave curves inward, the convex curves outward, the angle slants upward, and the straight sits horizontally.

Flying bow flags top off at 17 feet, so they're sure to make a grand statement with your brand or message. Unlike drop flags, these banner blades extend straight upward, not outward, for a slim, tall, and direct means of branding. Your choice for these is based on how much information and branding you are planning on fitting - a convex flag, for example, allows more room for printing than a concave one.


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bow flags, flags


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How should I print my bow flag?

There are two styles of "finish" for your bow flag. The first is single side reverse printing, where the print is on one side and a mirror image is in reverse on the other side. The second is a double sided print with a blocking inner liner between the prints: you can have the same print showing forward on both sides, or have two different prints on either side.

Not sure what artwork to get printed on your bow flag? You're not alone. Half of our customers come to us with questions about what text or images to add to their flag - and we're more than happy to help. We offer a custom template for every size and style of the bow flag so that you can create a template yourself, or we can help you lay out your artwork.

Just let us know how we can help you and we'll make it easy!

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