Flags Soar - Watch Your Business Soar, Too!

Let's face it: when planning your display, flags may not be near the top of your list. But when it comes to topping off (literally) your display and making sure everything's perfect, they can provide you that "little extra" that can amp up your visual presence and make you stand out.

Which flag option is best for my display?

When deciding on flags for your trade show display, it is most important to determine whether your display is indoor or outdoor. Since most are designed to billow in the wind and thrive off motion, it is best to use them in an outdoor setting.

Dori Pole Flags

Trade Show Flags, Flags, Dori Pole

Dori Pole flags are eye-catching, slim, tall, and colorful. With a wind resistance of up to 35 MPH, they are perfect for outdoor use in lots, parks, etc. where they need to be seen from far away. Plus, they are easy to install and transport so you don't have to stress about setup. Use them for boat shows, car shows, and outdoor trade shows.

Pennant Flags

For maximum use of your outdoor space, a pennant flag is your best bet. These fabric banners thrive off the wind, using their movement and bright colors to get your brand and message noticed by the crowd. Hang them above your booth, parking lot, or storefront sidewalk for a unique branding opportunity that will draw in foot traffic and boost your sales.

Bow Flags / Banner Blades

bow flags, flags, drop flags

A bow flag is a great option for both outdoor and indoor displays. Specialized banner blades - like drop style blades (above) - are ideal to direct customers to your booth, table, or register or to show passersby where your entrance is. Utilize them for their double-sided printing so you know your logo is being seen.

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