Which Retractable Banner Is Right For Me?

A retractable banner is one of the most convenient and cost effective displays. Not only is a retractable banner an attractive and impressive tool, it is easy to set up - only one person is needed to pull your banner from its base and fix it to its stand. With the amount of retractable banners MVP Visuals offers, though, it might be a little overwhelming to pick the right one for you. Here's some ideas to help you make your decision.


Which retractable banner is right for me?

Roll Up Banners:

Fabric panel roll ups are our most economical retractable banners available. With the option of full color print and a very convenient, portable setup, these retractable banners are simple and attractive to all advertisers.

MVP Visuals offers two main retractable banners (or roll ups) that can suit every trade show retractable banner need.

retractable banner, roll up banner

100 Series Roll Up Banners, our most popular retractable banner, are double-sided (non-replaceable) and single-sided (replaceable) banner stands that include an aluminum base, clamping rails, aluminum pole, carry case, full color graphic panel, and telescoping pole.

The benefit for these banners is that they are replaceable - if your banner begins to wear or fade, you can order a new banner without having to pay for new hardware as well. Plus, the telescoping pole allows a variety in the physical display in terms of height and position.

200 Series Roll Up Banners are available for a more cost-effective option with shorter-term usage. non-replaceable and are available as single or double-sided banner stands. They include an aluminum base, clamping rails, aluminum pole, carry case, and full color graphic panel.

What information do you need when I order?

Because our retractable banners are so personalized, it's important to us that your order is processed perfectly.

When you order a retractable banner from us, we'll ask for your banner size and quantity and help you determine whether you'd prefer pockets or grommets to hang your banner.

What else can I add to my retractable banner?

MVP Visuals offers accessories that you can add to any retractable banner to make your job easier and your display better.

Spot Lights: For $138 each, 12v/50w chrome lights clip on the top of your display to light up your retractable banner.

Hard Shell Travel Case: Fit your retractable banner stand and lights in one convenient case. Retractable Banner Stands and lights $97 ea. - 9" d x 34" $113 - 9" d x 41" long

Round shipping case with wheels: 15"x49" - $229

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