Outdoor Flag Base Options

An outdoor flag base is necessary for any outdoor display that features a flag. But with over a dozen outdoor flag base options, it can be difficult to know for sure which base is right for your custom printed flag.

What outdoor flag base is right for my bow flag?

Bow Flags

Bow flags use a pole sleeve (made of printed flag material) that allows you to utilize all of the flag's space for advertising. Ideal bases for bow flags include ground sleeve (with or without bearings), auger sleeve, cross base, car base, and screw on base (30º and 90º). Square bases are available depending on the sizes of both the flag and the base. Check our outdoor flag base chart (below) for more information.

What outdoor flag base is right for my vertical flag?

Vertical Rectangular Flags

Vertical Flagstands are perfect for outdoor use. They are lightweight, easy to mount, and are available with or without a horizontal top bar that controls movement in wind. Ideal bases for vertical rectangular flags include ground sleeve (with or without bearings), auger sleeve, cross base, car base, and screw on base (30º and 90º). For outdoor use on sand, soil, concrete, or asphalt, the P2 Plastic base is ideal.

Base recommendation chart copy

What is the difference between each outdoor flag base?

Each different flag base will offer you a different effect for your flag. Here are our most popular bases:

1) Ground Sleeve with Bearing: This is good for long term outdoor use but can only be used in dirt and grass. The bearing is what allows the flag to turn in the wind so that there is less resistance and the pole is a lot less likely to break or damage in high winds.

Outdoor Flag Base Options, Ground Sleeve Bearing

2) Cross Base: A cross base is lightweight and can be used indoors or outdoors on any surface. It may not be as secure outdoors - for outdoor displays, use an L stake (into grass/dirt) or weight bag (fill with water or sand) to keep your flag secure. Most customers will choose this base if the flag will be used mainly indoors.

Outdoor Flag Base Options, Cross Base

The Cross Base is also available in a water base. This comes with a connection that fills with water so that this base will stay secure with long term outdoor use.

3) Square Steel Base (16’’x16’’): – This is a 21-lb base that can be used indoors or outdoors on a flat surface. The benefit is its weight and sturdiness. Customers can also use the L stake or weight bag on this product.

Outdoor Flag Base Options, Square Steel Base

Once you have decided which outdoor flag and outdoor flag base is right for you, be sure to contact us with any other questions before you place your order.

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