Top Ways MVP Visuals Helps Resellers

As a business, you need to focus on your customers and making sales. This leaves you little time to focus on your own expertise. Because of this, we do our best to help resellers understand the print process. That way, you can communicate more effectively with your customer and determine the best product to meet your customer’s needs.

How MVP Visuals Helps Resellers

1. Graphic Art Help:

The one problem every reseller has is what to do when their customer does not have an appropriate art file – it may be too small, or it may not be the right file type.  Here is where we can make the reseller a hero.  Many printers simply turn away low res art files.  What we can do, however, is convert low res files into vector format. That way, there’s no need to turn away sales and your customer receives a custom product that you can be proud of.


2. Proof Process:

It can be tough to perfect a custom made order. In order to ensure that we provide you and your customer the product you have in mind, we provide digital proofs for all custom orders. This ensures that production, materials, and print are confirmed and produced with confidence.

Blind proofs (proofs without our logo) are available upon request to allow resellers to keep their suppliers anonymous.

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3. Scheduling:

We communicate exactly when we need artwork and proofs approved so we can guarantee ship dates, as well as providing tracking numbers for all shipments.  This gives resellers the control of their order timing and confidence that their order will ship out on time.

4. Repeat Business:

We make it easy for resellers to make that repeat order. Not only do we ensure loyal customers through our excellent customer service, we keep your artwork and specifications on file so your next order is quick and easy.

MVP Visuals is a supplier of custom printed displays for retail and event promotions. We feed off the power of happy customers.

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