How To Determine Your Style (of Polyester Table Covers)

Polyester trade show table covers come in a variety of styles. What’s the best option for you? Below are some specifics to help.

Throw (Drape) Style

This is most the popular style due to its flexibility. It’s a large rectangular piece that is thrown over the table and drapes to the floor on all four sides. Think wedding tablecloths.

Style Specifics

  • Three panels sewn together to make one flat rectangular cover.
  • Most common sizes: 90" x 132" to drape over a 6 ft table and 90" x 156" to drape over an 8 ft table.

Fitted Style

Great for when you know the exact size of the table you’ll be using.  This style is “sewn to fit” and works specifically with the table dimensions given.

Style Specifics

  • Five panels sewn together (top, front, back, left, right).
  • Inverted pleats in all four corners.
  • Most Common Sizes: 6' Long x 30” Wide x 30" Tall and 8' Long x 30" Wide x 30" Tall.

Adjustable Style

Designed to fit two specific table sizes: 6’ x 30” x 30” and 8’ x 30” x 30”.  Ideal for multiple trade shows (as these are the most popular table sizes).

Style specifics

  • Two panels sewn together.
  • Adjust by folding right and left sides and connecting with Velcro tabs. These tabs are sewn under the top panel to convert from an 8’ to 6' tablecloth.
  • Standard size fits 6'x30"x30" as a fitted style and 8'x30"x30" as drape style.

Bonus Style Tips

  • Throw or Fitted can be produced with an “open-back. The back panel will hang roughly 6 inches over the table.
  • The most popular logo placement for each style is on the front panel (although all-over print is available).
  • Ask for a custom size quote if needed. Simply let us know the table width x length x height.

three styles3,jpg

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