Top 5 Essential Trade Show Items

Attending your first trade show? Looking to update existing items? Here are the Top 5 Essential Trade Show Items we came up with to help!

5. Drapes

Your trade show venue may already offer drapery. However, it’s common for exhibitors to purchase printed or non-printed custom drapes; especially if those provided do not match your company logo and other printed accessories. Trade shows differ, so confirm if your venue requires flame retardant drapery as well.

Buyer Tip: Use three drape panels per 10 feet wide area of coverage for a full gathered look.

4. Retractable Banners

These roll up banners are light weight and are the most portable banner stand available, which makes them ideal for trade shows. How it works: a fully printed graphic panel will roll up and then retract right into its spring loaded base. They can be purchased in various heights and widths, depending on your budget and type of artwork you’re looking to print.

Buyer Tip: Determine beforehand if you’d like hardware that allows the graphic panel to be swapped out with other banners.

3. Logo Carpet

Why spend budget dollars to rent when you can purchase a custom logo carpet of your own? Hundreds of sizes, styles (high/low traffic) and color combinations are available, so asking your promo company for help here is key!

Buyer Tip: Consider shipping your carpet directly to the show to save on shipping costs.

2. Backdrop Banner (to hang above booth)

If you don’t already have a full size display, then a fully printed fabric backdrop banner is another solution for your back wall. The banner can be designed to match your other promotional items, produced to exact specifications for your both, and fold compactly in your suit case for easy travelling.

Buyer Tip: Ask your venue if they provide a cross bar (to insert inside a pole pocket). If not, you may want to consider adding grommets to the production of your banner.

1. Printed Table Cover

Sit behind it. Stand beside it. Place your products on it. Each booth has a table that’s central to its promotion. Your venue will let you know what size table you receive. Material (polyester, spandex), style (throw fitted) and logo placement (front panel, all over) are just a few of the options available.

Buyer Tip: Consider purchasing an open back table cover so you can easily fit extra promotional items or chairs underneath your cloth.

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