Dye Sublimation Makes 4-Color Tablecloths Affordable

The dye sublimation (dye sub) process has made 4-color process printed tablecloths more affordable than ever.  Dye sub is a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye from printer paper to the tablecloth fabric.

Dye sub color intensity and matching is superior to ink jet.  Just like digital print, dye sub prints start with white fabric.  Large rolls of white fabric roll out printed front panels of the tablecloths.  The background color of these front panels are matched to the stock fabric color selected for the remaining sides and top of the tablecloth. Using a stock fabric color on the top, back, and sides saves from printing these panels. Printing the background of the front panel to match these panels gives a look of a 4-color process printed image on colorful fabric.

Not all dye sub printed tablecloths are flame retardant so be sure to ask before you order.

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