New Printed Liquid Repellent Tablecloths

Liquid repellent tablecloths with print are a necessity for beverage sampling, food sampling, fairs, events, trade shows or any situation where tablecloths are being used outdoors or near liquids.  In the past, getting a branded tablecloth that was liquid / water repellent would generally be made of nylon.  Nylon was not only more expensive but the fabric doesn’t flow as nicely as standard polyester fabric tablecloths.

We now offer liquid repellent polyester fabric tablecloths with a full color dye sub print.  Now you can have beautifully branded liquid repellent tablecloth that will bead up water and liquids and wipe up clean in an instant.

There are 6 fabric colors that are available:  Red, Black, White, Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Navy Blue.

For more information on custom-printed, stain-resistant, liquid repellent tablecloths call 800-980-6871 or email

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