Table Cover Wraps: A Low Cost Solution for Your Trade Show Table Cover

Now you can get the flexibility of a table skirt with a full color printed front panel and at a terrific price. Table cover wraps are the perfect trade show table cover solution.

Our new table cover wraps work just like table skirting. With 2″ of velcro in the back and table clips you can use your printed trade show table skirt for full coverage for 6′ and then as a 3 sided for an 8′ table.

Your table cover wraps can come in the same beautiful color as your trade show table cover: We offer table cover wraps in the same full color dye sub print as our Promocloths. Tablecloth toppers are available as well.

Mixing and matching the topper colors makes keeping your printed trade show table cover easy to clean.  Just take off the topper and toss it in the washer.

The table cover wraps are available in a flat panel, shirred pleat or in box pleat.

table cover wraps

Trade Show Table Cover with Print and Shirred Pleat

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