Custom Printed Drapes: Don’t Stop At The Table for Trade Shows!!

Don't stop at just the table for trade shows. You selected your colors, picked the fabric and got your art together to have the perfect trade show cover made with your brand - but why stop at the table? Custom printed drapes matching your table cover will pull together the look of  your presentation and give it a cohesive, professional look that will grab the attention of passersby!

Custom printed drapes are ideal for press backdrops,  conventions and trades show and even for retail promotions.

custom printed drapes

Touro Law using Custom Printed Drapes

For trade shows the most popular type of drape is a shirred pleated drape with a velcro strip sewn on the back so they can be hung using GV Clips. This this construction you can hang your new drapes right over the current trade show drapery.

GV Clip, custom printed drapes

Trade Show Shirred Drape with Velcro Back and GV Clip

If you are using drapes for other venues where it is more convenient to take down the drape support, you can just use rod pockets at the top of the drape panel.

Drapes can be printed or non printed.  For printed drapes Polyester Poplin and Flame Retardant Polyester are the most common fabrics.  For non printed drapes we have a wide range of fabrics such as Basic Poly, Spun Polyester, Satin, Twill and more.  We even have burlap!

For your next show, don’t forget the drapes! Call MVP Visuals for your table for trade shows.

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