Here is the skinny on trade show table cover size.  We get the same questions every day, “What is the most popular table size?” People try to guess so they can buy a table cover that is most likely going to fit their table at the show.   We sell more 6 foot trade show table covers than 8 foot however 8 foot is still very popular, so you need to be prepared for both.

There are a few options out there:

BUY A 6’ AND JUST WING IT FOR THE 8’! You could just buy a throw style (drape style) 6’ table cover.   Sit down height for a standard table is 30” tall so whether you have a 6’ table or an 8’ table you could get away with putting your 6’ tablecloth on an 8’ table as long as it is drape style.  The tablecloth is going to be 1 foot short on the left and the right so it is going to look like you are putting a 6’ table cover on an 8’ table and everything you store under the table is going to be visible.

BUY A CONVERTIBLE TABLE COVER: There are truly adjustable table covers out there.  These table covers have Velcro sewn under the top of the table cover.  These types of convertible table covers are used as a drape style table  cover when you have an 8’ table and then the sides are folded over and the Velcro pieces are matched together to hold the fold and to give the table cover fitted style look for when used on a 6’ table.   This allows you to have a truly adjustable tablecloth where you maintain “to the floor” coverage and can store items under the table without being seen.
trade show table covers adjusting – watch to see your table cover will adjust

BUY A TABLE WRAP: Table wraps and table skirts are basically the same thing.  These are the familiar table skirting that come with clips that allow you to “clip on” the skirting so now regardless of what table size you have it will just go around the table according to the table size.  For example if you have 17’ of skirting, your table skirt will go entirely around a 6’ table and if you get an 8’ table it will be used with an open back.  This still gives you full “to the floor” coverage on the three visible sides of the table.

BUY MULTIPLE NON PRINTED TABLECLOTHS AND A PRINTED TABLE RUNNER: Non printed tablecloths are fairly inexpensive so you can buy a 6’ and 8’ tablecloth and then get a table runner.  This option is best if your message is likely to change or you may need to have different  have different images displayed at different shows.

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