MVP Visuals Selected Once Again!

MVP Visuals Selected Once Again to Produce Fabric Banners Designed by Artist Dale Zheutlin

MVP Visuals will be producing more of Artist Dale Zheutlins work this fall. Last fall the New Rochelle Public selected the artwork of Dale Zheutlin to adding a finishing touch to the lobby “refresh project”.  The colorful fabric banners have been installed in the lobby’s atrium, the result of a competition sponsored by the NRPLF and the New Rochelle Council on the Arts. The winning designs were submitted by artist Dale Zheutlin, and the fabric banners created from her designs were installed last week and produced by MVP Visuals.

The banners were officially unveiled at a reception at the New Rochelle Public Library in March.

Ms. Zheutlin’s  banner design consists of three double-sided satin fabric banners, with six different “faces”; Ms. Zheutlin’s submissions “Freedom” and “Community”, each consisting of three panels.  Each of Ms. Zheutlin’s banners bears one of three different messages: “A library is a place to exchange ideas”,

“A library is a gathering place for seekers of knowledge” and “A library is a window on the world.”

“I am delighted that the banners were chosen to enhance the library experience,” says Zheutlin. “These banners explore how art, design, and craftsmanship intersect in the visual arts. My paintings’ transformation — from paint on paper, to a digital image, to a site-specific installation — celebrates the limitless potential of materials and techniques.”

Zheutlin says that libraries have become “so much more than a collection of books, but more a multi-faceted portal to human expression and knowledge.

MVP Visuals is a supplier of fabric banners, displays and trade show table covers.

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