Branding Round Table Covers

Branding round table covers can be a bit of a challenge.   To keep your message in the viewable area you may need make some adjustments.  Round table throws  (drape style) are very popular because they can fit a variety of tables.  However, unless you want to print on the table top, printing your logo  on the side of a round table throw doesn’t work well as you can see below .   The logo gets lost in the folds of the sides.

The best style of round tablecloth for branding is the “barrel style”.  Barrel style table covers do not pleat so you can keep your message seen clearly as viewer walks around the table.

Barrel Table Covers with Print

If you need to have your message seen in the front of the tablecloth try manipulating your logo or maybe trying a step and repeat pattern so your full logo will be seen from all sides of the tablecloth.

MVP Visuals offers a variety of table cover styles and print methods.   Fabrics such as basic polyester; flame retardant fabric,  recycled fabric, water repellent; can be printed and made to fit almost any size table cover so just give us your dimensions and logo and we’ll do a free layout.

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