Is My Art Good for Table Cover Printing?


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00:06 What Type Of Art File Do I Need?

00:13 Vector File

00:26 Image File Options

00:46 Minimum Requirement For Printing

01:13 How To Find The PPI Of Your Image


Is my art good to print at a larger scale? What type of art file do I need to print my logo?

It’s simple, really. All you need is an .eps, .ai or .pdf file in vector formatting.

.Eps, .ai or .pdf file in vector formatting? What on earth does vector formatting mean?

Well, vector files are made up of lines, points, and curves based on mathematical equations. See, it looks like outlines of the art.

But what if I don’t have a vector file?

Not to worry! We can print using high resolution image files such as .jpeg or .png with a transparent background. If your image is not a high enough resolution… this is what can happen! But we can help! Our team can convert your files in 24 hours.

If you only have image files, they need to be high resolution! Because we need a specific PPI (pixels per inch) to print. With a printed image on a table cover, we require a PPI of at least 150 at print size. Print size means the full display area the art will print. This image was created at a print size of 26” by 30”. That’s why it looks so great!

Unsure what the PPI is of your image? You just need to find the number of pixels in it. To do this – right click the image, the click properties. It should tell you the pixels per inch. Still unsure what the PPI is of your image? Contact us for help!

Then the fun part can begin…producing your custom displays!


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