How to Choose Between Full Color Dye Sublimation and Screen Printing

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00:10 Two Most Popular Print Types

00:15 Full Dye Sublimation Printing

00:41 Vector Formatting Is Best

01:00 Screen Printing

01:15 Best For Volume Printing


Hi there, I’m Emily from MVP Visuals. I briefly wanted to go over our most popular styles of print - a full color dye sublimation print, and screen printing.

Most of the products printed at MVP Visuals are done so with a full color dye sublimation print. It’s a four color or CMYK print process. It’s very similar to your basic printer – the fabric starts out white and the CMYK ink is mixed and built up until it achieves your logo or image file look. It makes it great for gradients or image file and of course we always love vector format files. With vector format we can come close to matching your pantone colors by adjusting the CMYK mix. The other great thing about a full color dyes sublimation print is that because the ink it dyed into the fabric it makes these products machine washable.

The second most popular type of printing at MVP Visuals is a screen print. It’s your standard screen printing process, so the ink is printed on top of the fabric. You can feel it! We definitely recommend screen printing when you’re ordering a higher volume of your product. We don’t recommend using more than two colors within your artwork.

For more information please visit our website. And that’s all! Thanks for watching.

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