5 Essential Trade Show Items

A table, a chair, and good enthusiasm may be all you think you need at whatever event you’re working at.

At least, that’s a common opinion, especially among those new to this industry. 











The truth is that while you’re ready to jump on fresh leads and network like crazy, one easy shortcut is to have more at your booth than just the most basic basics.

You don’t have load up every space with giveaways, paperwork and furniture. But you can still create a strong and effective brand starting with the following five items:

  1. Backdrop banner. This hangs above your booth and makes it more visible from afar. Get one custom made with your logo or a solid fabric that matches the color of your other pieces.
  2. Logo carpet. Putting your logo on your flooring shows off your brand better than someone else with a neutral, plain display.  Besides coming in a wide variety of colors, you can also get it in different dimensions and styles, based on how much traffic you typically receive.
  3. Drapes. Show off the color of your product or brand. Some venues may have neutral colored ones or match the location’s brand, but not necessarily your brand and colors. Printed or non-printed ones are available, but you should check with the venue ahead of time to make sure your product fits any safety requirements.
  4. Printed table cover. Maybe the other exhibitors are fine with their blank, bare tables. But you can show that you’re all about matching and aesthetics by bringing in a cover in a color that matches other aspects of your display or includes your logo.
  5. Retractable banner. These are easy to pack in and out, allow different sizes of posters and can be a nice visual for visitors to see some of your designs.

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