Keep it clean! How to minimize dirty prints at your booth

As event pros, we’re often intimately familiar with “wear and tear,” where even the best displays can start to show their age.  If we start with sturdy, quality products and are careful with packing and unpacking plus set-up and take-down, they can last us quite a while. Although it never hurts to keep adding new ones to our inventory or rotating styles and looks from show to show to keep things looking fresh.

However, one aspect of heavy use is how dirty our items can get over time. Food or drinks can be spilled, and depending on your audience and venue, there could be lots of sticky, greasy fingerprints. If the booth next to you is handing out messy samples, for instance, show visitors may bring the grime your way without realizing it, resulting in soiled items.

Try these strategies to keep things as clean as possible.

  • Wash your table covers and other fabric items as often as you can. Check the washing/product instructions first, but most polyester covers can go through a common washing machine, even custom-printed ones. The need for a dryer may vary by the item, but dry cleaning is generally to be avoided due to the chemicals involved in the process.
  • Spandex items can be washed by hand.
  • Fabric items that are difficult to remove and wash, such as a tents or canopies, can be spot scrubbed with soap and water.
  • Pack items into separate bags so any stains don’t transfer.
  • Find positive ways to minimize additional staining or soiling from your staff or show visitors.  This could include encouraging employees to eat or drink away from your tables, or providing disinfecting wipes or at least napkins even if you don’t provide food  – people coming from nearby messier booths will appreciate the courtesy.

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