Try tools to save time and save your muscles

Exhibiting at trade shows at other events can be tough.

We’re not just talking about being out of the office and smiling big while meeting hundreds or thousands of prospective clients, some who are more interested in your goodies than your products or services.

We’re more talking about the actual physical labor required to lug your stuff in, set it all up nicely and then lugging everything out when you’re done. Even if you do this regularly and divide up the heavy lifting between co-workers, it still can get tiring.

Depending on your event’s arrangement, there may already be basic tables and chairs in place, but you still have to bring along various displays/signage, equipment and your giveaways.

To keep from wearing yourself out before the show starts, and building muscles, but not overdoing it, try these tools and tips.

  • Lift better. Go ahead a flash an annoyed look to anyone who tells you to “lift with your knees” while not helping themselves. But the sentiment is good – check with your HR department for suggestions on safe lifting techniques, especially if you have awkwardly-shaped items. Or they can authorize a hand truck/cart for you. The venue also may have some accommodations.
  • Carry better. Things with wheels are life-savers. Like the Tent Deluxe Roller Bag, which takes a big and bulky tent and packs it into heavy-duty bag that can be rolled along to your destination. Plus there are two sturdy handles that make it easier to pull it where it needs to go.
  • Condense better. If you and your company love banners, there are some transportation shortcuts, including bags for banner stands. These are handy to keep all the pieces together or having to stack loose ones on top of other stuff.

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