Why your banner stands should be adjustable

In the bigger picture, there are worse things than accidentally packing the wrong stand for the right banner – or vice versa.

But if it’s part of your job to make sure everything looks crisp and symmetrical at your event or booth, then trying to figure out how to “just make it work” may not always be the wisest idea – no matter how much duct tape you have available.

Speaking of big picture, you could end up with a huge banner poorly squished onto a smaller stand, or some big gaps if your stand is too big. Or maybe the parts just won’t fit together no matter how much you try, so your choice is “no banner at all.” 

Instead, consider a stand that allows you to easily adjust it to display a wide variety of common banner sizes, such as traditional sizes like 10 or 12 square feet across. Or it can also accommodate non-traditional sizes, which are well, non-traditional.

Lightweight adjustable stands are also easy to break down and set up, and are designed to remain sturdy if the banner is going to be displayed for an extended period of time. They also can stay small for storage purposes.

These types of tools are also helpful for the budget – instead of buying a different stand for every different sized banner – or worse, forgetting to pack the proper one, an adjustable one will do the trick.
Even better, stands can be found in different colors, silver and black, which are neutral colors that can nicely complement your color scheme.

Adjustable banners come in five sizes to accommodate all sorts of banners, starting with the smallest that goes between 3 and 8 feet to the large sizes that can go to 10 to 12 feet with extensions.

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