How to Pick the Best Table for Your Booth

Planning the perfect trade show booth starts with figuring out how to let visitors know about your products or services, which could mean everything from hand-outs to eye-catching signage.

However, trade show veterans know the furnishings are also important, which could be anything from chairs to carpeting that minimizes sore feet.

But one type of furnishing is especially important: the table. Do you want long ones? Short round ones? Folding ones? Or none?

Try these handy tips to choose your best table types:

• Learn any rules of the venue. There may be restrictions about certain table types, or how far out yours can extend. But on the other hand, some venues also may have some tables available, which will make set-up and take-down much easier.

• Round cocktail tables can create an informal, almost intimate experience. Each one can display your info, and serve as areas for you to talk to people, or visitors to linger or privately fill out information.

• Longer tables are great when you’re expecting a crowd. A table or tables the length of your booth can allow people to look at your strategically-placed displays while waiting. They can create a barrier between you and booth visitors, but you can counter this by positioning your people at key points to improve interaction.

• A bi-fold table can be a smart move, especially if there’s a distance from the parking lot to your booth space, or you have limited time to break things down. They’re easy to store and move around.

• Do you need table at all? Maybe not – zero tables can encourage mingling, networking and walk-ins.

Or a raised podium can be a central fixture for a speaker or presentation while people stand and watch.

MVP Visuals can offer more suggestions for tables and other trade show accessories.

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