Help Your Outdoor Products Last a Little Longer in Bad Weather

Mother Nature can be tough on your stuff.

We may have indoor items we’ve been using for years. But other items that go outdoors may suffer all sorts of calamities, from getting sun-bleached to generally tattered and torn by the elements.

So, even though we’re probably supposed to tell you to “keep on buying,” you can at least try ways to extend the life of your outdoor products. 
  • Use outdoor products outdoors. You’d be surprised how many people we run into who think that their signage or display products can work equally well inside and outside. Generally, indoor stuff can be less durable over the long-term, since it’s not meant to be exposed to extended wind, rain and sunlight. You may not see weather ratings, but your item may have suggested uses or warnings. Some items, like carpet, probably shouldn’t be outside at all unless it’s specifically labeled for outdoor use.

  • Take them inside when needed. It’s easy to set up an outdoor display and forget about it until your event ends. But if your schedule allows it, take some items down at the end of the day and re-set them in the morning. This keeps them from spending the night outside where they could be susceptible to vandalism or changes in temperature, everything from an evening chill to morning moisture. Flags or banners also should be taken down or supported with weight bags if heavy winds are coming.

  • Be careful with the re-packing. Part of proper care is making sure the item will be in good shape for a future event. So make sure fabric items like tents or table covers are completely dry before packing them away into your roller bag. This reduces the chance of them getting moldy or mildewy until the next show.

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