How To Measure Your Table For A Spandex Cover

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Video Highlights:

00:06 Spandex Measurement Form

00:21 Rectangular Tables

00:30 Cocktail or Round Tables

00:39 Leg Dimensions

Hi there, I’m Emily from MVP Visuals. Whenever a customer comes to us looking for a spandex cover that isn’t one of our standard sizes, we’re going to send you this custom spandex form. This form ensures the best possible contour fit to your table.

We require for rectangular tables to measure both the width and the length, as well as the height. For a round table or cocktail style table, we’ll need you to measure the diameter of the table top as well as the height. We also need the leg dimensions in order to get the best possible fit. Please measure from the outside of the leg to the other outside like I’m doing in the video.

And that’s all, it’s that simple! Thanks for watching.


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