How To Choose The Best Logo For Your Trade Show Display

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Hi, Emily here with MVP Visuals – your go to for custom branded displays. It’s no secret that a great brand logo is one of the most important elements for your branded visuals. It must represent your company as a whole and be eye catching enough to grab attention on its own. What’s more, at trade shows and expos, your logo is your calling card. Even companies with a small budget make sure to invest in a logo that pops. When designing the best logo for your brand, there are three important aspects to consider.

A black and white logo can be classic and sophisticated, but most people would agree that interesting colors are much more likely to grab your attention. Be thoughtful when choosing colors. Neon orange might be eye-catching, but if you print it on all your visuals it may become over the top. If you’re working with a designer, ask for a color version and a black and white version of your logo. There will be times when only black and white can be used, such as in certain print ads or event sponsorships. A logo that was designed specifically in black and white will look sharper than one that was just converted to grayscale from color.  

Another factor to consider is whether your logo should also include a small amount of text. This addition could provide important information about your brand – a location, a tagline or motto, or a few words that make it clear what your business does. Ask your designer to provide you with an image-only version and a text added version of your logo, so you can use them when appropriate. If you just want to simple brand an item or watermark a photo, the image may be enough. But if you’re printing a huge banner or back wall, a little more information could go a long way!

Your budget will really impact the kind of printing you do with your logo. The most cost effective printing begins with a logo that is only one or two colors. For this style, you can use screen printing or fusion printing. If your logo includes many different colors, minute details and gradients, your print options will be limited to dye sublimation printing.

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