How To Fold A Custom Printed Table Cover


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Video Highlights:

00:37 First, Fold The Cloth Into Thirds

00:50 Fold The Side Panels On Top

00:54 Roll The Cover Up 

01:11 Store The Cover In A Dry Space

01:15 Quick Tip


Hi Emily here with MVP Visuals – your go to supplier for custom branded displays. We often receive the question “What’s the best way to fold and store my polyester trade show table cover?” And we understand – these covers can wrinkle if not packed correctly. Often, our customers are attending different events every weekend – so it’s important to make sure your covers stay as polished as possible.

First thing is it’s easiest to fold the covers on the table. If this isn’t an option- you should ask a friend for help. Initially you want to fold the cloth into thirds along the horizontal seams. So fold the back panel onto the top of the table covering the top panel and then repeat the same for the front panel. Then fold the side panels on top as well.  Here you can roll the cover along the top of the table - this is ideal to avoid creases off of the seam lines. Or, if your carrying case won’t fit the rolled up cover fold it into smaller sections until it’s the correct size for your transportation.

You want to make sure that you store the covers in a dry space. And here’s a good tip: traveling with a bottle of wrinkle-releaser can be a life-saver; especially if you don’t have a steamer on hand. Just spray and pull the fabric and the wrinkles will disappear. It’s that simple! For more information or to request a quote, visit us at

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